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The funds donated from this page are intended to support the work of our web-site: we will pay for our hosting, email server, Internet, domain, office rental and communal services.

We will keep working thanks to you! If you want to support OUR HOUSE, you can make donations:

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Below you will find the answers to F.A.Q. Click on the question to see the answer:

Does your organization have a bank account? I do not want to use PayPal and want to make a bank transfer.

Yes, here are out bank details:
Account holder: Vsj Tarptautinis pilietiniu iniciatyvu centras “Musu namai”
Bank: Siauliu Bankas AB
IBAN: LT567180300008700065
Purpose of payment: Donation


I open the link and read: «Donate to Tarptautinis pilietinių iniciatyvų centras Mūsų namai». What does it mean? Looks like you’ve been hacked. In what language is that?

This is the name of our organization in the Lithuanian language. At registration we had to write the name of the organization in the language of the country of registration. Our place of registration is Lithuania, so “Tarptautinis pilietinių iniciatyvų centras Mūsų namai” is the full denomination of our organization in Lithuanian, and it means “International Centre for Civil Initiative Our House”.


I do not have PayPal. Can I still donate?

Yes, you can. It’s not necessary to have a registered PayPal account. You can create it in the process of donation.


I do not want to registere a PayPal account. Why should I do that?

You are not obliged to do anything, but you can if you want to help us. It is just one of the ways to do that. In favour of PayPal, we want to say that it is rather an advantage then a disadvantage. If you use PayPal to pay for your purchases in future, you can always cancel your purchase in case any problems arise.

Today more and more people are using PayPal to pay for their orders, e.g., on Ebay. Thus, they protect their finances from bad-faith sellers.

It is sort of a buffer between your bank card and the seller.


What if I want to subscribe to provide monthly donations to you? Can I cancel my subscription later?

Yes, you can. In case you register an automatic monthly donation, you can always cancel it in the future.


I do not have card or account in EUR, but the sums in PayPal are indicated only in EUR. Does it mean I cannot donate?

You still can. It does not matter if your card is linked to a foreign currency account or not. PayPal will calculate automatically the amount in your currency to withdraw from the card and convert it in the necessary amount in EUR.

E.g., you want to donate 5 EUR and you have a Canadian bank card. Choose the desired sum of donation, and PayPal will withdraw 6.84 Canadian dollars from your card (the currency rates may change in the day of your donation) and transfer them into Euro


Will I pay any fee besides the sum of the donation?

Yes and no. By default, the fee will be withdrawn from the sum of the donation, but you can choose another option. Usually, PayPal does not transfer the full amount of donation to us, but withholds a part of it as a commission. Today that amount equals to 5.4% from the sum of the payment plus + 0.35 EUR for every transfer. However, it depends on the geographical position and standard PayPal commissions for your country. It starts from 3.4% + 0.35 EUR for one transfer. If you want to pay the commission yourself so that it is not withdrawn from the sum of the donation, then at the very first phase you should put a tick near the option “I want to add to your donation to offset the cost of payment processing fees”. Then the amount from 3.4% to 5.4% + 0.35 EUR for a transfer will be added to the sum of your donation.