“Our House” announces the “Corona- 2020” campaign. The goal of the campaign is to force the Belarusian authorities to maintain their commitments to the people and provide social protection of people in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The state is obliged to save citizens and help them survive in a difficult situation.

Our demands to Belarusian government:

  1. To provide honest and complete information of citizens regarding the situation with coronavirus by region, city, hospital, as well as indicating the age and sex of the infected and deceased.
  2. Provision of hospitals and medical staff with everything necessary for the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. To raise the salary of medical staff, primarily doctors, by 50% – regardless of whether they work with coronavirus patients or do not, since any medical staff is now at risk of infection.
  4. To release from prison medical prisoners convicted of non-violent articles of the Criminal Code and send them back to work in hospitals.
  5. To provide public life and health insurance to all medical workers with payments if they become infected with the coronavirus during the epidemic.
  6. To release from prisons under house arrest for 3 months all those convicted under article 328 of the Criminal Code (primarily 328 children), under “corruption” and economic articles, as well as under articles not related to the use of violence, Tin order to avoid mass infection and mass deaths of prisoners in Belarus.
  7. To pay each family with children under 18 years of age an allowance for each child for the next three months, which should be in the amount of 10 basic units, to provide families with unimpeded self-isolation.
  8. To transfer all schoolchildren and students to online distance learning.
  9. To pay each pensioner an additional allowance in the amount of 5 basic units monthly for the next three months, in order to ensure successful self-isolation and provide self-provision with all the necessary medicines.
  10. To cancel payments on utility bills, including interests, for all citizens of Belarus for the next three months.
  11. To cancel the payment of rents for public housing to citizens for the next three months.
  12. To abolish government rents for private business for the next three months.
  13. To introduce “tax holidays” for private business for the next three months.
  14. To postpone the payment of fines and any government payments for the next three months.
  15. To postpone serving administrative arrests for the next three months.
  16. Do not carry out the next call for military service by conscripts in order to avoid mass infections in the army.

Funds for all these measures to protect the population and ensure social guarantees of the state to people to be found from the extra budgetary presidential fund.


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