Deputies in Belarus do not represent the interests of the people, but those of the authorities. Deputies do not meet with their constituents, evade reporting to the people, and are unwilling to defend their interests and rights.

«Our House» takes to find representative authority on the places and to call to account negligent servants of people. This campaign logically continues the actions of activists in different cities of Belarus. «Our House» will force the deputies to fulfill the main requirement:

the councillor is responsible and accountable to the electorate

Objectives of the open-ended «Our House» campaign – deputies to account!»:

– the all-round development of citizens’ activity in the realization of the constitutional right to participate in the decision of public affairs both directly and through their representatives;

activating the role of the Councils and deputies of all levels in solving the socially significant problems of a particular settlement, protecting the rights of citizens;

encourage deputies to form territorial public self-government bodies in the territory of their electoral district by holding meetings and registering elected bodies in the manner prescribed by law;

increasing the role of deputies of local Councils in the implementation of the requirements of the law «On local government and self-government».

forcing deputies to perform the duties assigned to them by the representative of citizens authorized to participate in the exercise of state power and represent their voters.

Forms of work of the campaign «Our House» – deputies to the answer!»:

– monitoring of compliance by councils and deputies with the requirements of the Constitution and laws of the Republic;

– appeal against unlawful decisions of the authorities;

– analysing the activities of individual deputies and identifying those responsible for inaction and violation of the law;

– preparation and conduct of a recall campaign in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Electoral Code;

– media coverage of the practice of the Councils, their decisions and the work of deputies;

– collecting signatures for appeals to councils and deputies;

– visit of the heads of councils and deputies at personal reception of citizens;

– production of leaflets, posters «Voters are looking for them», announcements about the schedule of reception and meetings with voters.