Probably you came here after a successful donation. And we want to tell you: THANK YOU!

It would seem: why we created a whole additional page for such reason. But there are a couple of things that we would like to inform you, other than our gratitude!

1. This page will not always be as you see it now. If everything goes according to a favorable scenario (and most likely it is, if you got here after a successful payment), then on this page we will periodically publish our report on how we spent donations. It is important for us that you know that this is not just wasted money that you will no longer see. We would like to show you what we did for the money. The report is completely anonymous, since we do not collect information about the personal data of our donors. It will show how much money we received and where we spent it.

Therefore, if you are interested in this information, simply bookmark this page that you are currently reading and back soon.

2. Perhaps if your attitude towards us becomes even more trusting after this, then someday you will set up a monthly donation.

That is all we want to say you. Although no! Not all.