We have sent corresponding letters to the UN Committee against Torture and to Amnesty International. A mother of five children has been in jail since March 18. She accused of calling for the seizure of power (Article 361 of the Criminal Code). The woman was detained while she was taking her 10-year-old daughter to a music school. She was searched at home and then was taken to the temporary detention facility, and only in three days, she was charged.

On March 24, it became known that in the jail Olga was bullied and physically abused by the administration. The mother of five children got kicked in the legs, and now she has large bruises on each other. There is no healthy skin on her legs. Employees of the jail threaten Olga with deprivation of parental rights and say that they and her husband can take away the business that is the only way to earn money for the whole family.

But this is not the cruellest thing that happens to Olga. The woman was threatened with murder. Olga Zolotar is in terrible condition. After all, there is a fear over her that in the next five years (this is the term she can be sentenced under Article 361 of the Criminal Code) she may not see her children. Olga’s eldest daughter is now 17 years old. The youngest son is four years old.

Olga Zolotar has put a lot of effort into the Belarusian protest in recent months. She was a volunteer near the detention center in Akrestsina street. During the brutal days after the elections in August, she supported people who were sentenced and beaten by forces. She registered as an observer at the courts and wrote complaints of violations. The courtyard of Olga’s house in Zhdanovichi became the center of consolidation of neighbours who oppose the illegitimate president. A mother of five children was detained three times.

Lukashenka’s authorities destroyed the life of Olga’s family because of their civic position. Olga’s husband is now serving a term for a white-red-white flag, probably brought by the police during a rummage in their house. Olga’s mother takes care of the children, but threats that authorities can take them to the orphanage come regularly.

In the 21st century, we are witnessing a real concentration camp in the center of Europe – and these are no longer just empty words. ICCI «Our House» appeals to international organizations with a request to pay attention to what is happening in Belarus and take immediate and decisive action to put pressure on Lukashenka. We clarify that Olga is far from the only one who is under torture by the forces. Therefore, we ask you to make an effort to release her and other political prisoners. And we also hope that the names of the employees of the pre-trial detention center who abuse the mother of five children will become known, and each of them will be punished.