The war in Ukraine mobilised a huge number of people. From all corners of the world respond to the plight of the Ukrainian people. Dozens of countries are willing to provide Ukrainians with free housing, medical treatment, schooling, and simple legalisation. Ordinary people are spending their money for the needs of Ukraine and are bringing food, clothes and hygiene products to specific collection points.

“Our House” is no exception – the number of our friends around the world is growing every day. Organizations in Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany and concerned people unite around us, bring food and medicine, respond to appeals to obtain them to Lviv, host Ukrainian refugees, provide them with everything they need. Significant help comes from Frankfurt am Main, from the International Society for Human Rights office.

The International Society for Human Rights has been working since 1972. The institution defends people’s rights and civil liberties. One of the activities of society is humanitarian aid. That is why the organization could not overlook the catastrophic situation in Ukraine. Representatives of the institution contacted “Our House” and decided to provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine through us. Trucks with food, clothes, medicines and other necessities drive from Frankfurt am Main directly to Warsaw, where the “Pobacz” warehouse, organised by “Our House” and the DAR initiative, is located.

By the way, the institution website already has a story of Aliona, a Belarusian who left from Lukashenka’s repression to Kyiv and then, when the war started, to Poland. In Belarus, Aliona was detained twice, and after the second time, she decided not to press her luck and moved to a safer place. That was Ukraine, but not for long. Because of the war, Aliona had to leave her temporary home. When she arrived in Poland, she went to the “Pobacz” warehouse, where she received food and necessities from the International Society for Human Rights. An in-depth interview with Aliona is published on our website.

We thank the International Society for Human Rights for supporting Ukrainians in such a hard time for their country. And we are glad that our cooperation is successful, that people get real help and have some peace of mind when they come abroad. Together we are doing significant work, and hopefully, very soon we will see the main result – the overthrow of dictatorships in Russia and Belarus and peace in Ukraine.