In the two weeks of the war in Ukraine, some two million people have become refugees. Poland received the most Ukrainians with free evacuation trains. Here refugees are welcomed by volunteers and representatives of NGOs. And the help of “Our House” is very opportune – to ensure it reaches as many addressees as possible, we are developing cooperation with the Ukrainian diaspora.

On Monday, March 7, representatives of “Our House” met with activists of the Ukrainian House in Warsaw. The organization has been a home for all Ukrainians in Poland. It has set up the Ukrainian Women’s Club, Polish and English language courses, fighting gopak, children’s choir and children’s club. Legal assistance was also offered to those who applied. With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the association began to help their fellow countrymen. We managed to talk to its activists – we spoke about our work and the humanitarian aid we provide. As a result of the conversation, we decided that the Ukrainian House in Warsaw continues sending refugees to the “Pobacz” warehouse for food, clothing, hygiene supplies and medicaments. We have agreed to send people to the organization’s activists, who will advise them about life in Poland.

We establish contacts with Ukrainian state institutions and charitable organizations. On March 4, the Lviv Regional State Administration permitted “Our House” to accept aid for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Territorial Defence and refugees. On March 8, we received the same permission from the Rivne Regional State Administration. On March 9, the charitable fund for assistance to combatants, disabled people and bereaved families of soldiers, rescuers and policemen “Planeta” will start accepting help from “Our House”.

“Our House” also continues its contacts with European politicians. On March 8, Olga Karatch sent a letter of thanks to Robert Tyszkiewicz, Member of Polish Sejm, for his active position in joining the declaration of the community of groups “Už demokratinę Baltarusiją” against the military presence of the Russian Federation on the territory of Belarus. “We are all very concerned about the increasing annexation and occupation of Belarus by the Kremlin and consider it important to state publicly that Aliaksandr Lukashenka would not have been able to stay in power without the Kremlin’s support. The Kremlin is the main architect of the Belarusian regime, and we would like the international community to pay more attention to the annexation of Belarus by the Kremlin,” said Olga Karatch.

Every day we try to facilitate the life of Ukrainians in Poland and help the victims inside Ukraine, which has temporarily become dangerous. And we’re happy that there are so many caring people around who respond to help. We continue to show that Belarusians don’t support Lukashenko’s regime and the war in Ukraine. We continue to show that the majority of our people are against Putin’s aggression. And we are grateful to everyone who is with us.