Participants of the Forum of Democratic Forces Olga Karach, Dmitry Bolkunets, Anatoly Kotau and Valery Tsepkalo held a two-hour briefing for members of the diplomatic corps from 20 countries.

A proposal was made to draw a collective ultimatum to the citizen Lukashenka from the side of the European Union, the United States and the United Kingdom and demand release of all political prisoners in the shortest possible time. In the event of a refusal on his part, to proceed with blocking completely the railway freight transportation between the EU countries and the Republic of Belarus. A special emphasis was placed on the fact that any deterioration of the border crossing conditions for all types of passenger transport is inadmissible.

Great attention was given to the necessity to conduct online elections and referendum aimed at establishing a representative body of the Belarusian people.

Strengthening of the sanctions policy and unacceptability of exceptions, threats to regional security, strengthening of the Kremlin propaganda, fakes in the so-called «independent» media, situation in the Belarusian army, use of slave labour of political prisoners, economic sanctions against Belarusian enterprises fulfilling orders of the Russian Ministry of Defence and many other issues discussed at the briefing.

The diplomats were suggested to hold hearings on Belarus in the European Parliament with the participation of the European Commission, as well as of candidates for presidency that have challenged dictatorial regimes in different years, the legitimate Chairman of the Supreme Council (Parliament) of Belarus, Syamyon Sharetski, fighters for freedom and opinion leaders.

Also, recommendations were voiced to promote a round-table meeting of all political subjects whose activity is directed at the fight with the regime of Lukashenka, in the building of the Mission for Democratic Belarus in Brussels.