On March 29, 2023, participants of the Forum of Democratic Forces: Olga Karach, Dmitry Bolkunets, Anatoly Kotau and Valery Tsepkalo held another briefing for members of the diplomatic corps from 20 countries.

They informed the participants on the ensuing consequences for Belarus, Ukraine and European Union of Russia’s plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Detailed proposals were made and directed to the heads of states of G7, EU and Ukraine.

The countries of the European Union together with the USA and the UK have an opportunity to draw an ultimatum to Lukashenka, that will help to release all political prisoners and create significant obstacles to the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Separately, the necessity to open criminal cases against Lukashenka and his entourage was noted, as we as the issue of tightening of the sanctions policy in specific segments.

The made proposals can be found here:

Address to the leaders of the G7, EU and Ukraine. Nuclear weapons in Belarus (belarusforum.org)