Several military events have been launched in Belarus, including another check of the Armed Forces’ combat readiness, as well as joint air force and air defense headquarters training.  Meanwhile, the Belarusian military was sent to Russia to prepare for the use of the Iskander-M complex with nuclear warheads, and the head of the KGB promised the Belarusians an increase in terrorist activity.

Belarus has been living in a state of military stress for more than a year, with a full-scale war on its southern borders, increased mobilization and other “amenities” of a militarized dictatorship. In recent days, however, even this stress has begun to increase dramatically: our country is literally drawn into an abyss of military preparations.

On April 3, on the Alexander Lukashenko’s order, the Ministry of Defense began another check readiness of the Belarussian Armed Forces. The overall supervision for checking was entrusted to The State Secretariat of the Belarusian Security Council.

“The measures are of a complex nature and will make it possible to determine the ability of commanders in managing subordinate military units and subdivisions during bringing them to the highest degree of combat readiness, as well as to determine the readiness of military units to carry out tasks for their intended purpose within prescribed time-frames,” the official statement said. “Please note that during the inspection the movement of military equipment is planned, and civil traffic may be temporarily restricted on public roads and areas of the terrain,” the Defense Ministry stressed.

It is noteworthy that the previous check on the combat readiness of the Belarusian army was conducted quite recently, namely from 13 to 19 December 2022. Prior to that, similar events in the country were held last May. And this is despite the fact that normally such checks of combat readiness should be carried out at several-year intervals. The military themselves don’t like them very much: they call these checks “showing off for the higher-ups”. Such checks are very resource-consuming, they “eat up” equipment and material-technical base. But, unlike exercises, they do not contribute to the real combat readiness of the troops.

The fact of one after another “combat-readiness checks” testifies to the extremely nervous state of the country’s top military leadership, starting personally with Lukashenko and his loyal Khrenin. It’s also indicative how quickly and chaotically the next decision on “inspection” began to be implemented.

Conscripts started arriving at the military registration and enlistment offices in Belarus on April 4. They were assigned to units according to their military registration specialties. However, as far as it can be judged from the Defense Ministry’s press report, even before everyone was distributed, the units involved in the readiness check had specified their tasks and started to perform them.

Determining the units’ ability to carry out their intended tasks in a rapidly changing environment was named as the main purpose of the Defense Ministry’s check. It was planned that the troops would overcome water obstacles and work out training and combat tasks day and night on military training ranges, areas of the terrain and human settlements. It was suggested that close attention should be given to the state of equipment and armaments, as well as to the operation of supporting systems.

But this was so in official communications. In fact, for example, from Brest they reported that they hadn’t had time to prepare properly and send out summonses. As a result, in Brest they sent men who had not served and were in the reserve to deliver the summons. The men mentioned above were ‘invited’ to make such urgent deliveries instead of one’s own main job. And those who tried to refuse were threatened. In particular, they were told, “We will write a report on you, and then they will send a paper to your work, and, as you understand, no one will renew the contract with you.”

Simultaneously with the start of the check for combat readiness, a whole range of other worrying military preparations is taking place. Belarus has launched a joint command-staff training of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces. Within its framework, planning these troops’ application in the activities of the regional Russian and Belarusian force grouping will be worked out.

“In the course of the exercise, planning the use of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces in the activities of the regional Russian and Belarusian force grouping,” the press report says. But then again: as recently as January this year, Belarus hosted a joint flight-tactical exercise of Belarusian and Russian aviation units that`re part of the regional force grouping. And so, once again, all the officers are gathered back together. What for?

From bad to worse. According to the Ministry of Defense, the crews of the Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system of the Belarus Armed Forces have left for the Russian Federation to obtain the necessary practical training. The Belarusian military will be sent to one of the Russian training ranges where they will undergo a full cycle of training, improve practical skills in preparing the missile system for use, and train in its deployment. Combat training launches will also be conducted.

“In addition, the military personnel will have to study in detail the storage and use of tactical nuclear warheads for the operational and tactical missile systems (OTRK) Iskander-M,” the Defence Ministry said in its statement. In case anyone hasn’t realized yet, that’s exactly how the big step towards nuclear war looks like.

And last but not least. The KGB Chairman Ivan Tertel anticipates a serious escalation of the situation in our region. According to him, the activation of terrorist activity on the territory of Belarus is expected.

“This threat is growing. According to our estimates, we have reported to the head of our country that terrorist activities on our territory are planned to intensify starting this spring. Examples include Machulishchy, Grodno. There are other examples we have never told you about,” Tertel said. “Ultimately, their goal is stirring up the situation in our country and achieving a change in the country’s government through armed rebellion. Committing terrorist attacks is meant to be a tool. Of course, all these people are an instrument for realization of the other states’ interests They are also the driving force in resolution of geopolitical issues that our neighbors have …We have a firm position. As the head of state has indicated, we will take no prisoners.”

However, unfortunately, it has already been well known for a long time to Belarusians: if the KGB announces some kind of terrorist attacks, it means that it is preparing them itself.  There is, alas, no other way in our country. And, of course, this statement by Tertel is alarming to all peaceful Belarusians.  Like all those sinister military preparations that were listed in this article.

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