The Belarusian regime is scared of the human rights defender Olga Karach a lot: the propagandists promoted her from the title of a “terrorist” to the title of a “creator of a terrorist regiment”.

On August 30, 2023, the Belarusian propaganda issued a “documentary” about the detained analyst Andrei Parotnikau under the title of “A TRAITORS’S STORY. PAROTNIKAU. Special operation of the counter-intelligence service of the KGB of Belarus. ONT channel investigation documentary”. In the film, the special services’ representatives said that allegedly “the Intelligence Agency of Poland has been recruiting Belarusian citizens for several years making them collect information about the country, including the one of confidential nature”.

According to them, one of such recruited persons is the blogger and journalist, creator of the notorious analytical resource Belarus Security Blog, and a former MIA operative, Andrei Parotnikau. Currently, Andrei is detained; a criminal case has been launched against him under Article “High Treason”. A person accused of “High treason” is facing a death penalty in Belarus.

It is clear, that the criminal case against the analyst Andrei Parotnikau is a frame-up, and he is not a “Polish intelligence officer”. However, it is also clear that the regime is going to take it out on Andrei to the fullest, because Andrei is a former MIA, so in the world view of the Belarusian enforcers he is a “traitor” and a “betrayer”. To remind, all the former enforcers who do not support the regime of Lukashenka, got under a particular attack of the Belarusian KGB.

Yet, what it all has to do with Olga Karach?

Soon, the propagandists will scare children with the name of the human rights defender.

In the “documentary” about the analyst Andrei Parotnikau, Olga Karach was unexpectedly accused of having created and financing the regiment “Terror”, a division of Belarusian volunteers, fighting for Ukraine, the greatest majority of whom are right-wing and a lot of whom come from the famous “Azov”.

First of all, let’s start by saying that “Terror” is not even close to a regiment. Those guys call themselves a “battalion”, but let’s be honest, the number of the participating volunteers is not enough even for a battalion. Nevertheless, danger always looks bigger through the eyes of fear, so the propaganda has “given birth” to the regiment “Terror”, created by the peacebuilder Olga Karach, and is using it to scare the peaceful population of Belarus.

Moreover, the battalion “Terror” and Olga Karach, to put it mildly, are very wary of each other, and they do not hide it. That can be observed in their distant public discussions.

It should also be reminded, by the way, that it was only the last year when the Belarusian propaganda accused Olga Karach of being a Polish intelligence agent. Then, in October 2022, one of the biggest Telegram channels of the Belarusian regime’s propaganda, “Zheltye Slivy”, announced the director of the Belarusian human rights organization Our House, Olga Karach, an agent of the Polish intelligence. The basis for the accusation was… the fact that Our House together with the German human rights organization IGFM brought a truck of humanitarian deliveries to Kraków (Poland) to help Belarusian and Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Now, as it “turned out”, the head of Our House has also created and is financing the regiment “Terror”. And we thought that the regime could not invent any other status for the human rights defender that could be higher than the status of a “terrorist”!

Now, obviously, opening of a new criminal case in Belarus against Olga Karach should be expected for “creation and financing of a terrorist organization”.

As we see, the Belarusian regime is scared to the bone that Olga Karach might unite with the Belarusians fighting in Ukraine on the side of Ukraine.

It seems like it is one of the most horrible nightmares torturing the Belarusian regime.