Interior Ministry troops, constituting part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, said that the PMC “Wagner” mercenaries had conducted master classes for Belarusian teenagers – members of the military patriotic club “Rys”. The plan of study included handling of firearms, storming a building, first medical aid treatment and rock climbing. At completion of the training, the school children were handed chevrons of the private military company.

The PMC “Wagner” mercenaries are widely known in the world due to their multiple crimes against humanity in Ukraine, Syria and different countries of Africa. For that reason, the PMC “Wagner” has been recognized as a criminal organization in a lot of countries of the world (including the USA and the UK). Nevertheless, the Belarusian regime have decided to accept the Wagner group mercenaries in the country and have even provided them with camps for their deployment.

After that, the Belarusian regime began actively employing them to train the Special Operation Forces of the Belarusian army, territorial defence units, as well as the Internal Troops Special Forces. Now, as we can see, the criminals from the PMC “Wagner” have a new job – to teach their “trade” to the Belarusian teenagers.


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