In 2015 Our House formulated ten simple demands regarding improvements in their work with the electorate. about a year, in 2015, “Our House” activists discussed these demands and how they could be implemented into life with the deputies. Indeed, some of the deputies started to put in action some of the “Our House” recommendations. Among the implemented were such demands as having an e-mail for e-communication with the electorate, a more flexible schedule of visiting hours, and a demand to report about deputies’ work. In addition to this discussion, the work of 1,500 elected deputies was monitored; the results of the monitoring were visualized with an aid of a special Google-map accessible on the web-site.

Later in the same year “Our House” took this work one step further and theseten demands were put into a creative format of a picture book. In this new format,the ten demands were taken as basis for an image of the ideal elected official and got expressed in the coloring book for children and their parents. This year “Our House” is presenting “The Deputy of my Dream” coloring book in varies towns in Belarus.

The online version of the Coloring Book could be accessed here.