An activist of “Our House” Ms. Olesia Sadovskaia was having her case hearing in Molodechno on June, 8 2016. Her 8-year-old daughter, Katia, meanwhile is kept for for four months already in children’s home.

sadouskaja_alesiaTo prevent mother from seeing her little girl Olesia was put in a madhouse by the order of the head of the Molodechno education department Ms. Drapeza. When the medics did not detect any traces of mental disturbance in Olesia, the local police was called in. As a result of this interaction the woman was left with seventeen bruises. Olesia’s decision to press charges against the responsible policemen brought her first to the jail and then to the court room. At the centre of this drama lies an attempt to withdraw Katia from under Olesia’s fostering. This proved to be difficult as Olesia was a good and loving foster parent and the girl never experience any sort of hardship. It seems, the local authority possess some special kind of cruelness toward children … otherwise how else one can explain what is going on.