Ms. Inna Drapezsa, a child hater from Molodechno, has her term of service as Head of the Education Department coming to an end. It seems to us that she has her hopes up for the contract to be prolonged, possibly as a reward for her relentless persecution of a small child’s foster-mother.

The story of confrontation between Ms. Drapeza and Ms. Sadovskaya could make a good plot for a thriller. Many episodes are in this not a very long but highly intense story. It would be an account of power abuse, many hours in various court rooms – of a court of the first instance and in the appeal court. This would be a story of foster mother and child separation, a tale of being sent to the mental hospital for the former and to the children’s home for the latter. And eventually, this would be a story of all the chargers being dismissed in the court room, and many more.


Unfortunately, this all was not a fiction story but a real-life one. And it is only fair, that instead of ‘Oscar’ the evil protagonist, an initiator of all this, Ms. Drapeza, was ‘awarded’ by Our House activists with shackle chains identical to those Olesia had to be put in while being at her trial.