The dead do not complain; it is the living – the carrier of the memory of the beloved ones – who get depressed by the condition of the grungy grave-yards. An activist of “Our House” calls upon the local authority to protect the peace of the deceased.

When, in winter 2016, a wooden fence around a local cemetery in village Koniukhi tumbled down the remains of the fence were taken away for the fire-wood. Fenceless grave-yard appear unseemly and neglected.

According to the law, the country-side cemeteries are the responsibility of country-side executive committees exercising authority over the territory where the grave-yards are located.

Village Koniukhi is under authority of the Grozovsky village executive committee. The latter is headed by Zh. Skrigan who orally informed the inhabitants of the village (mostly elderly locals and summer residents) that the fence has to be built by the inhabitants themselves as the local budget has no funding for such a task.


Activists of “Our House” had sent an official letter to the head of the Grozovsky village executive committee to request the reconstruction of the graveyard fence and a better care for the cemetery.