The Belarusian authorities took it into their heads to organise a grand event named ‘The All Belarusian People’s Assembly’ on a day that is considered to be one of the most tragic days in recent history of the country – the 22nd of June. This is the day when the WWII had started for this country.

It is a shame, that instead of the silence minute we shall have a massive show, that instead of commemorating the fallen during the war we shall hear about the nation wide support of the ruling regime and that the Remembrance Day will be a day of believe in the empty promises. It is a shame, that the state media coverage will be a part of prosperity propaganda aimed at the tragedy to be forgotten.

One may suggest that the Assembly is a practice of democracy. After all, the idea of this general meeting is a discussion between the Belarusian Government and top officials from every sector of the government, industry leaders, and citizens. In practice, however, it is very unlikely that a proper dialogue and proper voting will take place. The main state newspaper announcement, published five days prior to the meeting, reported that the Social and Economic Development Programme for Belarus ‘will be’ accepted.