In the conditions of a tough confrontation between the illegitimate government and the people, which is expressed in repressions against those who express their position, constant pressure on opposition supporters, an incredible number of political prisoners, huge amount of administrative and criminal cases, bullying and torture, politician Olga Karach sees the only way out of the situation — real unification of all the democratic forces of Belarus. And today she makes this appeal in an open letter to Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

“Dear Sviatlana Georgieuna!

Today, more than ever, state propaganda is trying to convince the Belarusian people that the democratic forces are disunited, intrigue with each other and cannot find consensus on even the simplest issues.

The time has come for our most decisive action.

You have a mandate given to you by the Belarusian people on 9 August 2020. Use it to bring all groups and initiatives closer together for our common Victory.

A face-to-face meeting of the leaders of the democratic forces is necessary to clarify and harmonise all positions and discuss the most important issues. As a result of this meeting, a public press release will be made, demonstrating to the Belarusian people that we are united.

This meeting must be attended by:

  1. You, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya
  2. Pavel Latushko
  3. Veranika and Valery Tsepkalo
  4. Vadim Prokopiev
  5. I, Olga Karach
  6. Ales Bialiatski
  7. Nikolai Khalezin
  8. Sergei Dylevsky
  9. Igor Makar
  10. Vladimir Matskevich
  11. Oleg Moiseev

As long as we are united, we are not defeated!

I appeal to the Belarusian people, who, as I know, have been demanding this unification for a long time.

Write in the comments of all the speeches and representatives of these leaders and initiatives that you demand to join forces for Victory.

The Belarusian people today have become a political subject, and no one can ignore their opinion.

Long live Belarus!

Olga Karach”

The letter was sent today at 15.22 Minsk time. We are together! And only together we are strong!