The Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization) accepted the report of the Fact-Finding Commission on the landing for Ryanair FR4978 flight. Why is this an important event?

The 41st session of the ICAO Council Assembly was held. One of the agendas of the Assembly under paragraph 28 featured: “Violation by the Republic of Belarus of the Convention on International Civil Aviation”. It’s about consideration of the investigation report on establishing the facts of incident with the RYANAIR flight FR4978 on May 23, 2021 in the airspace of Belarus.

Why do we draw special attention to the consideration of this report? The matter is that as of autumn 2020 and spring 2021, the report did not contain any particular violations by the Belarusian regime. Since in the case of the forced landing of a civil aviation aircraft, another, more authoritative than ICAO, investigation is impossible, Lukashenka could go to court with this report demanding reparations and abolition of sanctions. Therefore, he could both make money off air piracy and show the whole world that international law can be not only neglected, but you’ll also be getting paid for such dismissive attitude.

Now, with the adoption of the report of the Fact-Finding Commission on the landing of Ryanair FR4978, it becomes impossible – not a single world court finds ether Lukashenka or others involved people innocent. This is definitely an act of air piracy.

In particular, the text of the resolution of the plenary meeting of the ICAO Assembly states:

«Following the results of the investigation, ICAO concluded that on May 23, 2021, the government of Belarus had committed an act of unlawful interference that deliberately endangered the flight safety and the aviation security of both the flight itself and all people’s lives on board.”

It’s pointed out that the safety of Ryanair flight FR4978 was jeopardized when under instructions by senior government officials of the Government of Belarus the false information about a bomb threat was transmitted to the flight crew. According to resolution, the activities of the Government of Belarus on performance act of unlawful interference were a flagrant and serious violation of the Convention on International Civil Aviation. It’s also asserted that the governmental actions of Belarus represented a flagrant and serious violation of the Chicago Convention and an act of unlawful interference against the safety and security of international civil aviation.

Thus, the illegal and criminal actions of the authorities in Belarus on landing of Ryanair flight are officially documented and evaluated (details at the link).

And what’s next?

Then everything will depend on the victims. All parties affected by the act of air piracy and international terrorism committed by the Lukashenka regime have the right to apply to the court and demand the punishment of the offenders, as well as to receive compensation for the losses incurred by the injured parties. If they go to court, they will be able ultimately accomplish anything from personal compensation to recognition of the fact of piracy and possibly even arrest of those responsible ones. But in order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to go to court, because the basic principle of a democratic judicial system is that the court works only when someone needs it.

It will be recalled that Our House followed the development of events from the moment of the forced landing for a RYANAIR flight and repeatedly stated that the actions of the regime should not remain unpunished.

Our House initiated an information campaign aimed at the international community’s recognition of the crimes committed by the terrorist regime holding power in the Republic of Belarus.

Olga Karach, the leader of the Our House, commends everyone who joined this information campaign, which has become one of the most successful. Olga Karach welcomes the decision of the Assembly of the ICAO Council, being confident that, subsequently, all responsible ones for the plane hijacking will be punished.