Central Gomel is turning into a prison cell with its all-around stone and the green nowhere to be seen. Instead of compensative planting of greenery city promotes its new point on interest: mini-‘deserts’. One thing is missing though, that are the information signs stating ‘Once upon a time there were trees growing here’.


So what happened? A reconstruction of a building was taking place; the construction works were accompanied by municipal improvements of the adjacent area. The result was two-folded: a parking area for guests with cars was built and thirty six grown up trees (thirteen firs, five maples, seventeen lime-trees, one pear-tree) were cut down and substituted for by two hundred ninety seven square meters of loan. ‘Somewhere in the territory of the Tsentralny raion’ of Gomel city, these trees were made up for by ninety one decorative trees.  5.-Ul.-Internatsionalnaya-u-Doma-byta

The City Executive Committee developed a planting of greenery plan for 2016. In accordance with this plan ten thousand two hundred trees and six thousand three hundred shrubberies are to be planted. The city rayon administrations are informed about the plan. How many of the planned trees will appear along the streets that at the moment look like mini deserts is yet to be seen.6.-Ulitsa-Lange-u-oblastnogo-OKTS