We would like to present you our report on the coverage of the online audience by «Our House» in March 2021.  According to independent statistics, «Our House» had more than 3 million online users per month (for comparison, in 2019 «Our House» reached around 600,000 internet users in the online sphere).

YouTube channel “Our House

The YouTube channel “NASH DOM TV” was created on May 11, 2010 as an alternative communication platform for the purpose of civic education of the residents of Belarus, including through information about the ideas, activities and results of the work of “Our House” and its partners.

The target group is Internet users from Belarus who are familiar with the principles of YouTube video hosting, interested in activism in its various forms, as well as the principles of non-violent resistance and protection of their rights.

In 2020, the channel won the YouTube Creator Awards, the Silver YouTube Button, as the channel that reached 100,000 subscribers.

The number of subscribers to “NASH DOM TV” now stands at more than 132,000 (compared to 3,500 in 2019).

The number of views in March 2021 was 2 037 695.

The number of new followers was 4 287.

In March 2021, 144 752 liked “NASH DOM TV” videos, as well as made 19 215 reposts and 17 401 wrote comments.


Officials.info is a public database of all civil servants of Belarus, created by activists of ” Our House “. At the moment, 123 889 officials and 118 998 state organizations have been added to the database, 1,493 cases have been published on the activities of officials in Belarus.

The website has a ranking vote on the performance of officials, with 271 395  visitors to the site.

During March 2021, the public database of “Our House” officials.info was visited by 85 189 visitors who read 158 802 pages. This is double the number in 2019.

89.14% of site visitors were from Belarus.

Website of Our House

In March 2021, the official website of “Our House” was visited by 45 679  unique users who read 88 129 pages with information about the activities of Our House.

72.57% of the visitors were from Belarus.

Facebook of Our House

The official Facebook page of Our House is the second most popular (after “Strana dlia Zhizni”, an organisation run by Sviatlana and Siarhei Tikhanouski) among 53 most popular pages of social and political movements in Belarus, according to the independent consulting agency “Political Indicator”. The list also includes the Coordinating Council, the Anti-Crisis Management, all political parties and influential public initiatives.  In comparison, in 2019, “Our House” was ranked 7th among socio-political movements in Belarus.

Independent experts note that it was “Our House”, which entered the public sphere very actively in 2020, that showed the biggest increase in subscribers.

It is necessary to mention some about the official Facebook page of the leader of «Our House», Olga Karach, which is very popular in the Belarusian segment of Facebook.

For example, from February 14 to March 13, 2021, about 1 million people visited Olga Karach’s public page.