In 6 months (March-August 2020), there was a rapid growth increase of popularity of “Our House”: the coverage of the online audience is more than 10 million users, 80% of those are users from Belarus.

A few numbers to understand our activity on social networks:

Youtube channel statistics

Please compare the number of views and the number of minutes in three periods. Note that 81,7% of our watchers are from Belarus.

The number of subscribers has grown from 3 573 to 87 300 i.e. almost 25 times in six months.

Please refer to the screenshots with the Youtube statistics for the details below

Facebook account statistics

While the number of posts only doubled between 2019 and 2020, the number of “likes” increased almost 13 times, as well as the number of shares increased 12½ times. The number of comments increased almost 20 times.


Our web sites account activity and

It is important to note that the activity does not fade, but, on the contrary, grows every month.

What is more – “Nash Dom” is still actively working on its projects and programs and even introducing new directions.

This growth is not taking place in all public organizations and political movements, i.e. the political tsunami does not raise all boats.

Below, for comparison, the number of subscribers to the official pages of organizations on Facebook (according to the “Political Indicator”)

Comparative analysis


Our projects’ facebook activity.