The corresponding video titled “I have a dream” appeared on the YouTube channel “NASH DOM TV”. Olga Karach told why Belarusians took to the streets in August 2020 and why we can not retreat. She also shared her dream about the future of Belarus.

Olga Karach reminded, that our national hero is Kastus Kalinousky. He headed the uprising in 1863-1864. He led the publication and distribution of “Muzhitskaya Pravda”, the first revolutionary newspaper in the Belarusian language.

“One and a half hundred years have passed since then. On the 22nd of November 2019, the reburial of the remains of Kastus Kalinouski, as well as 20 other rebels, took place in Vilnius. Their mutilated bodies were found during excavations in 2017. The same mutilated body of Vitold Ashurk, a political prisoner brutally tortured in the Shklov colony, was handed over to his relatives. Vitold Ashurak devoted his whole life to Kastus Kalinovsky, and he also died a martyr’s death”, she said.

A century and a half later, having passed through the horrors of the NKVD, the concentration camps of the USSR, Belarusians still have not found liberty. They have no place in their native country – dictator Lukashenko threatens to bring in Russian troops to crush the Belarusian wish for freedom, to imprison women, children, old who dared to vote for another person, and not for Lukashenko.

“We took to the streets with flowers and children to bring justice, legality and democracy back to the country. A “blue psychosis” ordered the chained dogs of the regime to kill us, rape us, throw us behind bars and intimidate us. But he clearly underestimated the determination of the Belarusian people in the struggle for freedom. The people of Belarus cannot be intimidated. Yes, we tried all the peaceful methods, but they didn’t work. But we cannot retreat, because the bloody regime continues to kill and torture our loved ones”, Olga Karach noted in the video.

Belarusians have no way back, Olga Karach said. There is no chance that we will calm down after the nightmares we have experienced, the suicides of children, the bullying of the security forces. And despite all this, Belarusians have a dream. The dream is that Belarus will become a free country where human rights will be valued, that Belarus will flourish economically, become independent and self-sufficient, that Death Squads will disappear in the country, and people will be able to express their opinions in a democratic parliament.

“I have a dream, and the same dream is burning in the hearts of millions of Belarusians today, making our hearts beat faster and our eyes shine with hope for quick changes for the better. With this dream we will be able to work together, pray together, fight together, languish together in fascist dungeons, stand for freedom together, knowing that one day, very soon, we will be free. And Belarus will become an independent country. I have a dream that one day we will conduct a “General Cleaning of Our House” and finally all together will build a “Country for Life”, in which there is a place for every Belarusian – regardless of political views, religion, education, gender, age, language and much more. And it cannot be otherwise”, Olga Karach summed up.