Facebook verified the official page of the head of the ICCI “Our House” Olga Karach.

In the modern world, and especially in the conditions of confrontation with the illegitimate authorities of Belarus, manipulation and fraud have become the norm. Often, ordinary users are not always sure that they communicate in social networks with exactly those opinion leaders, public figures and politicians with whom they wanted to enter into a discussion or express their opinion to them.

Therefore, Facebook verification is significant both for the owners of the page and for subscribers. Link to Olga Karach’s page.

Now you can be sure that you are addressing Olga Karach or reading the news from her official page – you will see a blue checkmark next to the name there.

We respect and value our subscribers, their opinion and time. We always try to limit them as much as possible from various kinds of manipulations and fraud. Every Belarusian, who wants to discuss the current problems of our country and civil society, who has his own opinion, who invests his moral strength in the common victory, is important to us.

We thank everyone who has been supporting ICCI “Our House” and our leader Olga Karach for years and to those who join us every day. Together we are creating a real democratic community that will live in a new and free Belarus.