Since the very beginning of the protests in August 2020, the ICCI “Our House” has been providing regular assistance to repressed people. Our team never forgets about the victims under Article 328, especially teenagers and their parents. We continue to support our brave Belarusians, especially within the country.

The beginning of the summer was marked by hot political events, another wave of repression, purges, unfair courts. Even in such a situation, Belarusians do not give up. Every hero who asks for help is important for the ICCI “Our House” because our task is to preserve people’s faith in justice and the victory of democracy as much as possible.

In June 2021, Our House helped 22 victims of repression (13 women, nine men, 0 minors, five from Minsk, 17 from the regions). We provided the following assistance to the repressed:

  • 14 payments for the services of a lawyer;
  • the payment of food parcels to prisons and relatives of those who are in prisons for political reasons;
  • one person received psychological advice from the volunteers of “Our House”;
  • two people received help in paying fines;
  • four people received support in paying for maintenance in the terminal detention centre;
  • one person received assistance in paying state duties;
  • one received judicial advice.

Our heroes tell their stories to volunteers. Our activists try to organize financial assistance and to support psychologically as much as possible.

We are approached by very different people: of diverse professions and social statuses, of various ages and from all regions of Belarus. Such statistics once again show how massively the protest has spread in our country. People will not rest until the regime is overthrown. They gamble their freedom, sometimes their lives, risk the health of their loved ones. They get insane fines and incredible terms, they conduct searches and seize property, they suffer from torture in terminal detention centres, pre-trial jails and prisons. But our people do not give up. Freedom of communication, freedom of the person is now the most significant goal for Belarus!

ICGI “Our House” collects the stories of heroes — otherwise, we can’t call such brave people — and will tell about everyone. Their stories are the history of our country.