A lot has happened at “Our House” over the past week. Our warehouses in Warsaw and Vilnius continue to distribute clothes, food and medicine to everyone, meeting new guests. We are making new friends, and we are happy about this. Today we will tell you a little about our daily routine.

On March 25, Will Day, we did many things. First of all, we have received 10 tons of necessary aid for soldiers and children in the “Pobacz” warehouse in Warsaw. And we have sent aid machines to Uzhgorod, Kryvyi Rig and the border regions with Luhansk region. On the same day, we also received 6 tons of aid from the Aleksey Stavnitser Charitable Foundation in Ukraine, which we will distribute to refugees in Poland and from which we will form a cargo to send to Ukraine. Also, on Will Day, our “Pobacz” warehouse in Warsaw was visited by Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya. Svitlana got to know volunteers and visitors, listened to the stories of Ukrainians who fled the war and passed on help.

This week we sent from Warsaw cargoes of humanitarian support to the Ukrainian cities of Dnipro, Kharkiv and Lviv. Another aid is being prepared for shipment to a refugee camp in Bulgaria. In addition, we have received another 2.5 tons of food from the Biedronka supermarket chain. This week we have also agreed with the Lithuanian water producer “LAMIKARA” Ltd. to deliver more than 600 litres of healing drinking water for the needs of Ukrainian refugees. We would like to thank Nerijus Malinauskas, the company’s director, for this.

Since February 24, our warehouse in Warsaw has helped 6060 adults and 5016 children. And we are happy that Ukrainians notice it. For example, actress Lubava Greshnova has told about us on her Instagram. And photographer Nastia Dubrovina has published a photo report about the daily routine of the Pobach warehouse on her social media account. Of course, we hope that the number of our friends and partners will grow.

The warehouse in Vilnius also invites refugees from Ukraine for help. Here you can pick up clothes, children’s toys, dishes, bed linen and other things that may help you in your everyday life. In a week, the number of subscribers to the warehouse Telegram-channel has increased by more than 100 people. The store runs in our office – come and visit us if you feel lonely and have no one to talk to in an unfamiliar city. Here you will always find support, understanding and can help in good deeds.

Our good deeds are taking on a huge scale. And we are ready to continue our work to help refugees from Belarus and Ukraine. We understand that this is a hard time for everyone, and we are ready to help you through it. Come to our warehouse for help, join us as a volunteer – together, we will win.