Usage of the territory of another state for escalation of a military conflict with the scope to unleash a war to conquer neighbouring countries is a direct violation of multiple statutes of the international law, international treaties, conventions, agreements.  

In actual fact, at the present moment we have a complete declaration of lack of subjectivity and identity of Belarus, and of its political dependency from Russian Federation and its leadership. Russian troops not only remain in Belarus for an indefinite time on the basis of flimsy excuses and pretexts, their number is growing every day. 

Russia must abandon its long-standing strategy in relation to neighbouring countries, based on threats of use of force against their sovereignty, and declare its commitment to the basic principles of the Charter of the United Nations Organization. 

The ICCI “Our House” disapproves the deployment of new occupation troops of Russian on the territory of Belarus and demands their immediate withdrawal. We are committed to peaceful diplomatic way to resolve the situation around Ukraine, and we intend to adhere to it.

In order to keep his regime, the Belarusian dictator has de facto placed Belarus at the disposal of another dictator – Putin. Now Belarus is an instrument in someone else’s merciless game, in a cruel military conflict. Presence of Russian troops in the territory of our country violates the Constitution, the international law and poses a threat to lives and health not only of Belarusians, but also of all the inhabitants of the European region.

With all responsibility we declare, that the Belarusian people bear no relation to the decisions of the illegitimate regime headed by Lukashenka and accept no responsibility for the consequences of such decisions. We remind, that Lukashenka is NOT a legitimate president and has NO right to make decisions on behalf of Belarusians. Belarusians have an extremely negative attitude towards the presence of Russian troops in the territory of our country, and have NO INTENT to participate in the armed conflict unleashed by the usurpers!

The International Centre for Civil Initiatives “Our House” calls on the leadership of Russian Federation, to its president and government with the demand of immediate withdrawal of Russian armed forces from the territory of the Republic of Belarus.