The threat of strikes from Belarus remains, Lukashenka continues to prepare for war. On June 6, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, Oleksandr Motuzyanik, said that military commissariats of the Homel region would be specifying the military data of reservists. It will take place from June 22 to July 16.

Since the check will only affect the Homel region, there is reason to believe that it is related to the war in Ukraine. There are active exercises on the border with Ukraine. We already reported that paratroopers and border guards practised an episode of overcoming a water barrier as part of a reinforced paratrooper battalion on the Sozh River. On June 8, the Defence Ministry said that the reinforced paratrooper and assault battalion of the 38th Independent Airborne Assault Brigade had practised overcoming the Pripyat River as part of its combat training.

Information for “Our House”: the Pripyat River flows in the Brest and Homel regions of Belarus, in the Volyn, Rivne and Kyiv regions of Ukraine.

People speak about the conscription of reservists in Belarus almost since the first days of the war in Ukraine. For example, on February 24, Lukashenko signed a decree on the conscription of reserve officers. The document envisages conscription in 2022 of up to 150 male citizens under the age of 27 years, trained in relevant training programs for reserve officers at military departments or faculties, having the military rank of an officer and enrolled in the reserve. For comparison, in 2021, such a decree was issued on March 18, and 100 officers were enlisted. After that, many Belarusian men decided to leave the country.

On April 25, Lukashenko’s Defense Ministry reported that about 10,000 men would be sent to the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of Belarus. In addition, about 200 people would be sent to serve in the reserves during the same period. In just two months, the number of reservists has increased by 50 people to twice as many as in 2021.

On May 21, soldiers took the military oath in the formations and military units of the armed forces of Belarus. According to the Ministry of Defense, more than 3,000 soldiers, conscripted for military and reserve service, took the oath of allegiance to Belarus. The Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin administered the oath: “The Belarusian army reacts adequately to the current situation and ensures reliable protection of our borders. Today, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus are mobile, well-trained and equipped with the most modern weapons and military hardware. Belarusian soldiers carry out training and combat missions in the cold and heat, day and night while protecting the peaceful work of our citizens.

The inspection of reservists in the Homel region will only increase the number of those wishing to avoid serving in the army and participating in the war in Ukraine. After all, the Belarusians have been saying “NO” to the war of dictators Putin and Lukashenko for the fourth month. And they will continue to oppose the war.