The illegitimate authorities in Belarus continue preparing for war. Not long ago, we have told about the purchase of 20,000 metal tokens, and then it became known about the extension of the military readiness inspection. Before that, on May 31, the military removed old Soviet tanks and combat vehicles from storage. Does this mean that Belarus will be drawn into the war in Ukraine after all?

Lukashenka’s Defense Ministry announced on May 23, that Belarus was removing Soviet-era military equipment from storage. The ministry said that the Armed Forces had started the next stage of the reaction forces inspection. The security forces were supposed to inspect weapons, military and special equipment stored in service units of warfare, logistics and technical support. The soldiers were running the equipment over various distances to determine the condition and readiness to carry out their intended tasks. Later, on May 31, the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff said that the soldiers might have handed over the old vehicles to Russia to compensate for their losses. During the same period, Lukashenka’s troops became focused on border protection in the territories of Belarus bordering Ukraine.

On June 6, the Defence Ministry extended the inspection of the readiness of the Belarusian Armed Forces. A spokesman for the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, Oleksandr Motuzyanik, made this announcement. According to the Ukrainian ministry, Belarus planned to finish the inspection by June 4. Volodymyr Zelenski said that Ukraine was preparing for all the dangers of an attack: “But so far our analysts, experts, see no real risks of another invasion from Belarus”.

On June 7, Lukashenka’s Defence Ministry said that combat readiness tests were in the year plan. They are held after the conscription and finishing of the basic military training program. Soldiers train with various units, military units, military command bodies for the organized implementation of the transition from peacetime to wartime. As part of the training, paratroopers and border guards practised an episode of overcoming a water barrier as part of a reinforced paratrooper battalion on the Sozh River. According to the plan, sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the enemy were operating in this area.

Information: The Sozh River flows through the territories of the Mahiliou and Homel regions near the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. Part of the river flows directly on the border between Belarus and Ukraine.

There is a ban on visiting the forests in Homel and Brest regions. As of June 7, visiting is restricted in five districts of Brest region and two ones of Homel region, bordering with Ukraine. It is forbidden to enter the forest in three districts of Homel region. According to the Ministry of Forestry, the restrictions are imposed in case of high fire risk. The main purpose of these bans is to ensure the safety of citizens and their property, the safety of the forest fund. However, this year, visiting the forests in the south Belarusian regions, close to the border, was prohibited since April.

In addition, it’s become known that there will be training military exercises in Homel region from June 22 to July 1. During this period, the traffic in certain areas adjacent to the facilities of the armed forces will be restricted. In addition, exercises at shooting fields are planned.

Talks on whether Belarus will go to war with Ukraine are frequent. And this is understandable, because shells keep flying into Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. However, Belarusian troops are in no hurry to enter the neighbouring country officially. Lukashenko may be trying to deceive Putin and to prevent a military intervention. The dictator understands that the Belarusians are against it – and our “NO means NO” campaign proves it. We hope that even in the case of an order to attack, Belarusian soldiers will refuse to kill Ukrainians and choose to surrender or desert.