In July, 2022, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus began examining price offers for the purchase of “bags for transportation of the bodies of the deceased” in the amount of 1,000 pieces. A request to present their price offers was sent to at least two organizations: RUE “BelSudExpertObespechenie” and to the company rendering funeral services LLC “Fister”.

LLC “Fister” gave an answer to the request of the Ministy of Defense that it was not engaged in the manufacture of body bags.

The state company “BelSudExpertObespechenie” answered that it can produce a thousand body bags in the term of 10 days. The price differs in the range from 9,900 to 13,900 Belarusian rubles depending on which bags the Belarusian Ministry of Defense wants to buy – with or without handles.

The head of the marketing department of the RUE “BelSudExpertObespechenie”, Veranika Kavalchuk, confirmed that she had answered the Ministry Defense’s request for the manufacture of 1,000 body bags.

Of course, the system of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus contains a number of medical institutions (medical centres in Grodno, Minsk, Borisov, Baranavicy, etc.), where the military personnel, their family members as well as military pensioners are provided medical services. In any health-care institution there are people who die there. Therefore, a purchase of body bags is not an outstanding event.

The problem is the number of the purchased body bags, which amounts to a thousand pieces. It is too many for the needs of the departmental hospitals. Especially in the peace time.

However, if the Belarusian army decides to join the war in Ukraine on Russia’s side, it will definitely need a lot of body bags. In much bigger quantities.

Yet there is another issue that is really curious. “BelSudExpertObespechenie” (state organization) made an offer to the Ministry of Defense for 1,000 body bags. The price for a body bag without handles is 9.90 Rubles, and for a body bag with handles 13.90 Rubles. Delivery is included into the price.

However, such body bags for the corpses of Belarusian soldiers cost much less. Here we have found them for 1.00 Ruble a piece, it’s an offer of a private firm:

It looks like the Belarusian officials want to make a tenfold profit out of the body bags without handles!

Even if we assume that the price of 1.00 Ruble is some kind of a mistake or a marketing trick, here’s another offer for the body bags with handles: 7.5 Rubles a piece, also from a private company. So, the profit of the officials amounts to 6,400 Rubles for a 1,000 body bags. It’s easy to calculate the profit on bigger amounts:

The cynicism of the Belarusian Ministry of Defense, trying to make profit even from body bags for the corpses of Belarusian soldiers, is astonishing.

We’d like to remind you that before attacking Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense had also been buying body bags in huge quantities.

Should we expect the Belarusian army to join the war against Ukraine?