The Kremlin is subordinating the Belarusian industry to its military needs more and more actively. More precisely, it constrains Belarusian enterprises to provide service and maintenance for its aggression against Ukraine. The official Minsk is forced to comply, which results in peaceful Belarusian enterprises working in the interests of the warfare launched by Russia.

It is the second month in a row, when dwellers of different cities and towns in the south of Belarus have been observing road transportation of obviously military blocks with civilian trucks: anti-tank concrete pyramids, often called «Dragon’s Teeth». As various independent mass media write, such defenses are manufactured by several Belarusian enterprises.

However, they are not used in Belarus itself. At the same time, it is well known that reinforced-concrete pyramids 90-120 cm high are quite effective for defense against the advancement of heavy military equipment, which are used in great numbers by the Russian military to build lines of defense. Such lines are being built in the territory of Russia, near the border with Ukraine, in Belgorod and Briansk regions, and also in Ukrainian territories temporarily occupied by Russia.

In particular, construction of many kilometers long obstacle belts made of Dragon’s Teeth has been spotted in the Crimea and in the region of Mariupol and Melitopol seized by Russians.  Even the PMC «Wagner», recognized as a terrorist organization in the USA, is building such reinforcements in the occupied Luhansk region and calls them «Wagner Line».

At the same time, the Russians are not in a hurry: they are waiting for the Ukrainian army to go on the offensive in spring to free territories seized by Russia. Apparently, Russian capacities are not sufficient to produce concrete blocks. The reason is simple: Moscow did not plan to conduct a long-term war, and certainly they did not expect the Russian army stand on the defensive instead of being on the offensive.

So, there is no surprise that Russians are using Belarusian civil manufactures for deliveries of concrete military reinforcements. According to observations, such blocks are usually transported by civilian long trucks, usually, KamAZ, with both Russian or Belarusian plates. About 15-20 concrete pyramids can be put on one truck float body.

It is unknown exactly how many Belarusian enterprises produce such blocks on the orders of Russia. A lot of companies in Belarus are able to manufacture Dragon’s Teeth, practically all those that produce concrete-based construction materials. For now, participation of such enterprises as Gomel plant of reinforced concrete products and JSC «Bobruisk plant of large-panel housing construction» has been established more or less reliably.

Nevertheless, it is not the exact manufacture what is important in this matter. In Belarus, the regime controls businesses very tightly, and most plants for production of building materials are state-owned. It means, no one in the country would fulfill elements of the Russian defense order without a direct, explicit order from the Belarusian regime.

Also, concrete blocks are not the only thing. It is reliably known, that Russian military hardware, after being damaged in the warfare against Ukraine, is repaired and provided maintenance for at the facilities of the holding Gomelselmash, the biggest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Belarus and Eastern Europe. There are other examples of Belarusian enterprises working for the Russian aggression against Ukraine. We are going to disclose them as reliable information becomes available.

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