On September 21, 2022, Putin made a statement that partial mobilization of population is announced in Russia. Formally, Belarus has not joined the war against Ukraine, though providing the territory to Russian aggressors for the attack. However, till now, the Belarusian troops have not crossed the border. At the same time, the chronology of the events shows that preparation and training of the Belarusian military has intensified.

September 21, 2022. The State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus, Alexander Volfovich, commented on the appearing rumors about the probability of mobilization in Belarus in connection with the announced of partial mobilization in Russia. “Mobilization does not apply to us; the people and the country of Belarus are already mobilized. We are always ready, God forbid, to fight back using the forces and means which are meant for that purpose.”, – said Alexander Volfovich answering the questions of the journalists after the meeting of with the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, Nikolai Patrushev.

September 23, 2022. Aliaksandr Lukashenka made a statement that there would be no mobilization in Belarus: “That mobilization is in Russia. They are trying to throw that bridge that mobilization will be here as well… There will be no mobilization. I’s a lie”, – Lukashenka told the journalists.
He emphasized that “Belarus will respond to possible threats and attempts at terrorist attacks”. For that, military exercises are being held in the country, including these with the participation of the so-called people’s militia., so that “people would know their responsibilities and had the necessary military skills”.

September 23, 2022. In the North-Western Operational Command under the leadership of the deputy commander for ideological work, Valery Yanushkevich, a training and methodological gathering of deputy commanders of military formations and units for ideological work took place. During the gathering, the issues of organization, planning and conducting activities of ideological work were discussed with consideration of the specifics of tasks for the intended purpose, included strengthening the defense of the state border.

September 24, 2022. About 130 mercenaries of the PMC “Liga” arrived to Minsk and immediately started trainings with the Belarusian security company “GuardService”. The colonel of the APU, Anatoly Stefan, paid attention to that. “There is high probability of operation of sabotage and reconnaissance groups in the territory of Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr and Kyiv regions. Why do they need that? To accuse Ukraine of artificial destabilization of the situation and to create fertile ground for mobilization among Belarusian supporters of Putin.”

September 26, 2022. The Belarusian foreign minister Vladimir Makey in his interview to RIA News confirmed the possibility of deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus and the corresponding plans of the Belarusian and Russian regimes.
“Our presidents have already spoken on the matter some time ago, that certain types of aircrafts will be modernized and equipped also with the corresponding means of transportation of nuclear weapons. Some other variants are not excluded either,” – said the close accomplice of Lukashenka. “However, as I understand, everything will depend on the behavior of our partners, on those direct threats for Belarus and Russia. If any such steps will be made by our Western partners, then of course we, together with Russia, will elaborate an adequate response accordingly.”

September 28, 2022. In Belarus a sudden check of combat and mobilization readiness of the military unit 06752 in Machulishchy (near Minsk) started. As the Ministry of Defense announced, the check is going to be carried out for a month. The military will work through a number of issues, the main ones being the conscription, restoration of skills of those liable for military duty, removal of military and special equipment from storage with the scope to check its combat readiness. The Ministry of Defense of Belarus made a statement that the check was allegedly being conducted in accordance with the Air Force and Air Defense forces training plan. However, in the light of the Russian mobilization and obvious preparation to the start of mobilization in Belarus such statements look extremely bogus.

September 28, 2022. In the Western Operational Command, regular control sessions on combat training subjects took place, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel. In the fire town of the 74th separate communication regiment of the Western Operational Command a firing training test was held, during which officers fulfilled the standards and also developed techniques and methods of firing from regular weapons.

September 29, 2022. In Belarus, repressions against people unwilling to serve in the army with a high probability to be sent to the Russian was against Ukraine continue. A 24-year-old man was tried in Minsk for the attempt to avoid military service by going to Poland. He was detained when he came home for a visit and was sentenced to two months of arrest. The court found him guilty under Part 1 Art. 435 of the Criminal Code (evasion from activities on draft to the military service).

September 29, 2022. At Osipovichsky firing range, a tactical exercise with the first rocket artillery battalion of the 336th rocket artillery brigade took place, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel. Crews of the MLRS “Smerch” practiced tasks of weapons charging, exit to launching sites, and carrying out strikes at conditional enemy. After the training launches, the servicemen stowed the machinery and departed from the position.

September 30, 2022. It was communicated that a check of the radio navigation aids of the airfield network started, a rotation of aviation units of the Joint Air-Defense and Air Force Training and Combat Center of Military Forces of Belarus and Russia was carried out with replacement of three out of four available Su-30M multi-purpose fighters. Also, the Operational command “North” informs about similar work of Belarusians on the railway.

October 4, 2022. Lukashenka spoke on whether Belarus is getting ready for war. According to the self-proclaimed president, there is no need to announce mobilization in Belarus.
Also, during the meeting on military security, Lukashenka made a statement that “Poland is building up its military forces at the Belarusian borders, Lithuania is trying to keep up. Under the guise of supporting Kyiv, a number of European countries are implementing their plans to rearm with modern weapons and equipment and reinforce their armies.”

October 4, 2022. Belarus cannot ignore the aggressive policy of NATO and neighboring countries, Belarusian defense minister, Viktor Khrenin, told the media after the meeting held with security forces to discuss the country’s military security. “We will respond to all threats that may arise, quickly, accurately and adequately. For this, we have both the forces and the means.”
The defense minister made a statement that under the guise of an imaginary “threat from the East”, NATO countries and Belarus’ neighbors are not just militarizing. They are preparing for war. Proceeding from this, we are mapping out concrete and adequate response measures,” he added.

October 5, 2022. Aliaksandr Lukashenka admitted the participation of Belarus in the “special military operation” of Russia, and added that “But we don’t kill anyone.” Instead, during the meeting held with security forces to discuss the country’s military security, Lukashenka claimed that Belarus’ participation was first of all limited to preventing the conflict from spreading onto Belarusian territory and, secondly, to “have Russia’s back.

October 6, 2022. “From September, 20, till October, 14, a regular training of people liable to military service are held at the 74th separate regiment of the Western Operational Command,” the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel. “The reservists replenish skills and knowledge in tactical and special, firing and ideological training, as well as in the previously obtained military specialties.

October 6, 2022. A regular conscription campaign is held in Belarus, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel. Thousands of young men are directed to military enlistment and conscription offices to determine their suitability for military service. The first conscripts are planned to replenish the armed forces by the end of October.

October 06, 2022. “As of today, the conflict in Ukraine, provoked by the West, also carries risks and challenges to the military security of our state. Even though Belarusians do not fight with Ukraine,” said the defense minister of the Republic of Belarus, Lieutenant General, Viktor Khrenin, while informing the mass media on the military and political situation in the country and abroad.

October 7, 2022. Persecution of young people unwilling to take up arms and be sent to the war against Ukraine, continues in Belarus. An 18-year-old, accused of evasion from activities on draft to the military service, is going to be tried in Minsk. The young man is accused under Part 1 Art. 435 of the Criminal Code (evasion from activities on draft to the military service), he is facing up to two years of imprisonment.

October 7, 2022. During the meeting with the Mass Media, the Defense Minister of Belarus, Viktor Khrenin, answering the question about the scale of work done with servicemen of the reserve, said the following:
• this work is absolutely regular one;
• mobilization trainings with servicemen of the reserve are of constant character;
• in the last 20 years, 130 thousand people have gone through mobilization trainings;
• if necessary, the Defense Ministry can field a resource of 500 thousand persons liable to military service, and it is about the trained reserve;
• 60% of the Belarusian army consists of contract soldiers. There is no need to create a contract army in Belarus.
Also, the defense minister announced the arrival of a number of new equipment to the army: missile launchers Iskander, air defense systems S-400, as well as a presentation of unmanned combat complexes in October.

October 10, 2022. Lukashenka and Putin agreed on deployment of joint Regional Grouping of Forces. Lukashenka announced that at the meeting on military security. “If the threat level reaches the current level, as it is now, we start deploying the Union State grouping. The base of the grouping is the army, the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus. I should inform you that the grouping has already started forming. It has been going on for two days.”

October 10, 2022. Partizansky District Court examined a criminal case against a 19-year-old man, accused of evasion from activities on draft to the military service. The materials of the case state that the defendant, being a conscript and being warned of the criminal liability for evasion from activities on draft to the military service, from February, 1 till March, 31 of the current year “maliciously evaded the activities on draft to the military service till the end of the conscription, in particular, he thrice failed to appear at the location of the activities on draft to the military service without valid reasons”. In the result the young man was found guilty of evasion from activities on draft to the military service and sentenced to 240 hours of community service.

October 11, 2022. The Russians continue to deploy Iranian kamikaze drones Shahed-136 to Belarus. As of October 10, 2022, 32 drones were brought to the country, other 8 drones are expected to be delivered in the following days, informed RBC-Ukraine making reference to the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. Besides that, the Ukrainian intelligence states that Belarus is providing the occupation army with material and technicals means and ammunition from its storages.
In particular, a railway echelon with ammunition arrived to Kiyevskaya railway station in the Crimea carrying 12 freight cars / 492 tons, sent from the 43rd arsenal of storage of missiles and ammunition in Belarus”, – said the Main Directorate of Intelligence.
Also, according to the Directorate, it is planned to move 13 echelons with weapons and military equipment in the near future (219 platforms), ammunition (28 cars) from Belarusian arsenals and storage bases.
According to the Main Directorate of Intelligence, the main “suppliers” are:
• 46th missile and ammunition storage arsenal (Bronnaya Gora, Brest region);
• 43rd missile and ammunition storage arsenal (Dubetskoye, Gomel region);
• 391st artillery ammunition base (Bobr, Minsk region);
• 969th tank reserve base (Uruchcha, Minsk region);
• 288th automobile reserve base (Starye Dorogi, Minsk region).
It is also known that the freights are supposed to arrive to the railway stations “Kamenskaya” (Kamensk-Shakhtinsky) and “Martsevo” (Taganrog), Rostov region.

October 11, 2022. Servicemen of the 38th Brest Gurads Separate Airborne Assaul Brigade had a night airdrop mission from a military transport aircraft Il-76MD, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel.

October 11, 2022. “The tasks of the Regional Grouping of Forces are purely defensive,” – said the Defense Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin, while informing the mass media on the military and political situation in the country and abroad. “Today, accordingly to the unfolding situation, we are gradually implementing separate measures, directed at proactive preparedness of RGF(S) to respond to the unfolding situation to ensure safety along the perimeter of the borders of the Union State. In accordance with the threats, a regrouping maybe carried out to cover separate directions.”

October 11, 2022. Starting from October, 11, the State Secretariat of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus, in accordance with the instructions of the president, carries out an inspection of the Armed Forces of Belarus, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel. During the inspection, military units and divisions will work on achieving combat readiness, marching and “deployment in designated areas with the implementation of combat training tasks.”

October 11, 2022. ‘Belarus participates in the “special operation” in Ukraine, fulfilling several functions,” – the First Deputy of the State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus, Pavel Muravejka, told the Belarusian television. “We are an ally of the Russian Federation. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with our Russian brothers, and we will not allow any blows in their back, we will not allow any attack on them. Peace and order must always be in the territory of Belarus, which will also provide tranquility in the Western regions of the Russian Federation,” said Muravejka.

October 12, 2022. During the inspection of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, held by the State Secretariat of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus, military units and divisions, in the shortest possible time, marched and arrived to the assigned areas of fulfilment of training and combat tasks, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel. Upon arrival, the servicemen started equipment of frontiers in an engineering manner.

October 13, 2022. On October, 12, Belarusian parliament adopted on first reading the draft law specifying, among others, the grounds for granting the right to deferment of military service. The main thing, the draft law suggests a decrease in the number of people receiving the right to deferment of military service. It suggests that only those students studying abroad will be granted the right to deferment who have been sent there by the state.

October 13, 2022. The State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus, Alexander Volfovich: no mobilization is being planned in Belarus, all the conscription activities are regular. “Now, a regular autumn conscription is starting. Send your children, so that they would become morally stronger, gain experience, independence, become mature.”

October 14, 2022. They started to prepare the citizens of Belarus to the general mobilization for war, in the image and likeness of the Russian mobilization. The former leader of the General Staff of Belarus, currently the Chair of the Standing Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus on National Security, Oleg Belokonev, said on the air of ONT that if there was going to be a mobilization in Belarus, it would be held in the shortest possible time. “No mobilization has been announced here. However, if it is needed, it will be held in the shortest possible time. Thus, the size of the armed forces will multiply many times.” The former leader of the General Staff of Belarus also informed, that according to his data, a “quite powerful operational equipment” of territories is happening in the Baltic countries and in Poland. “It’s one of the indicators that a state is preparing for [war]. (…) We should react accordingly to all those things,” said Belokonev.

October 15, 2022. First echelons with Russian servicemen, making part of the Regional Grouping of Forces, arrived to Belarus, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel.

October 15, 2022. Commander of the Joint Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhiy Nayev said, that up to a thousand servicemen from Russia, 6 aircrafts, 4 Iskanders and 12 anti-aircraft missile systems C-400 are constantly deployed in the territory of Belarus.

October 16, 2022. Russia started transferring military aircrafts and helicopters to Belarus, which will constitute the aviation part of the Regional Grouping of Forces, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel.

October 16, 2022. Around 9 thousand Russian servicemen are planning to arrive to Belarus in the framework of the deployment of the joint grouping of forces, informed the head of the International Military Cooperation Department, Assistant Minister, Valery Revenko. Redeployment is going to take several days. The total number will constitute slightly less than 9 thousand people.

October 17, 2022. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus continue to fulfill tasks to strengthen border security, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel. Under protection are bridges, crossings, railways, are equipped positions for firing of small arms and military equipment.

October 17, 2022. Emergency officials of Belarus received arms from the Ministry of Defense. The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Vadim Sinyavsky, informed that when ordered, emergency officials will perform tasks to maintain order and defend the country in case of mass riots or armed conflict. Also, Sinyavsky made a statement that over five thousand of closed constructions will be used in Belarus to shelter the population from missile attacks.

October 17, 2022. Belarus threatens to take preventive measures of strategic deterrence to prevent attacks on its territory. Use of military force is considered among those measures, informed the head of the International Military Cooperation Department of Belarus, Valery Revenko. He made a special mention of the threat from the side of Lithuania. He underlined that Belarus will defend its national interests using all the means it possesses, including the use of military force.

October 18, 2022. Belarusian servicemen from different arms received a communication forbidding their travel abroad with any purpose. At the same time, in the whole country, the campaign to withdraw passports from the law enforcers started. The only country, that Belarusian servicemen are allowed to travel, is Russia. That order is given verbally to the military.

October 20, 2022. The Russian aviation component of the Regional Grouping of Forces is conducting regular patrolling of the air borders, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel.

October 20, 2022. Starting from October, 24, citizens of the Republic of Belarus drafted for military service, service in the reserves, will be sent to military divisions and units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on its Telegram channel. On the first day, about 1000 conscripts will be sent to the troops; they will join the ranks of special operations forces, 72nd combined training center and Minsk military commandant office. In general, it is planned to send about ten thousand people to man the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Belarus in October and November. Besides that, it is planned to send about two hundred people to the service in the reserves in the same period.

October 20, 2022. “On the basis of the 72th Guards Joint Training Centre for Warrant Officers and Junior Professionals scheduled training military sessions are held with those liable for military service,” the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported in its Telegram channel. According to official statements, the purpose of the event was the retraining of the arrived personnel in the military registration specialty. In particular, classes were held with recruits in military topography, fire and tactical training.

October 20, 2022. According to the Telegram channel of Belarusian Intelligence, in the first half of October, the mobilization department of the Belarusian Ministry of Defense issued an order under the seal “classified” on the preparation of “urgent training” for both reserve servicemen and reserve troops. Packages were received by numerous military registration and enlistment offices over the country.
Here’s how it’s going to go down.
Recruits are called to the military registration and enlistment offices by means of a call or draft notices to “clarify information”. Upon arrival, the necessary identification data is specified, the conscript undergoes a medical examination (if necessary) and a permanent mobilization order is glued into the military ID card, a briefing is given and responsibility for evasion is reported. Those liable for military service who have prescriptions, in the event of an announcement of mobilization or military trainings, are obliged to immediately arrive at the collection points. Particularly the conscripts with ‘deficient’ specialties for the military infrastructure will be drafted.
The selection of candidates will be carried out taking into account special criteria, primarily loyalty to the current Belarussian government. Primarily the residents of depressed areas of no contact on the border with Ukraine will be conscripted. These will be Belarusians from the Vitebsk and Gomel regions, as well as the north-east of the Mogilev region. Future soldiers should not experience good-neighborly empathy for the people of Ukraine.

October 20, 2022. According to the Belarussian Ministry of Defense, purposeful work is being carried out to re-equip the troops with new modern types of weapons, military and special equipment. The equipment is being upgraded in three directions: the modernization of existing equipment at industrial enterprises in Russia and Belarus, the purchase of modern samples produced in Belarus, delivery of such samples from Russian enterprises within the framework of military-technical cooperation.
Thus, the Armed Forces have already received new armored vehicles BTR-82A, modernized tanks T-72B3 and armored vehicles BTR-70MB, lightly armored combat vehicles “Dragon” and “Caiman”, other types of weapons and military equipment. In view of the evolving military and political situation, considerable attention is being paid to equipping troops with unmanned aerial systems of various levels and purposes.
As modern weapons are delivered to formations and military units, obsolete models of military equipment are withdrawn from the troops to arsenals and weapons bases for the purpose of their subsequent modernization or repair and laying in reserve. To date, the re-equipment of tank, mechanized and landing units with new models of armored weapons and vehicles has been completed.
The released samples of weapons and military equipment are sent to industrial enterprises, including the Russian ones, for modernization. Upon completion of the upgrade, these samples will be delivered both to active military formations and army units, also they will be intended to provide reserve units.

October 21, 2022. In the Pinsk and Stolin districts of Belarus, special services have banned any video recording, including the use of car DVR. This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
October 21, 2022. “The Belarussian State Military-Industrial Committee demonstrates the combat capabilities of national promising models of weapons, military and special equipment at the 230th combined-arms polygon Obuz-Lesnovsky,” The Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported this information in its telegram channel.

October 23, 2022. Republican unitary enterprise Beldorcenter finally closed access to hundreds of traffic cameras throughout Belarus. Previously, the picture from the cameras was updated once an hour and allowed everyone to assess the condition of the road surface on the main roads of Belarus. The cameras were accessed through the i.centr.by website, but that function was disabled with the beginning of the full-scale war. One day earlier access to Beldorcenter surveillance cameras on the weather service windy.com was also disabled.
This year, it is the second similar case. For the first time viewing was blocked shortly before the Russian troops’ intervention in Ukraine, January 14, 2022. Then the Belarussian State Border Committee denied access to cameras at the entrance and exit of the Belarusian border crossings. Moreover, cameras stopped operating first and foremost on the border with Ukraine.

October 24, 2022. In Belarus, Iranian instructors train the Russian military and supervise the launch of drones. This was written by the Centre for National Resistance created by the Special Operation Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
In Belarus the Iranian instructors were noticed, they could coordinate the launches of Shahed-136 kamikaze drones at infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. It stated that a group of Iranian instructors, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Officers, was observed in the village of Mikulichi in Gomel region. The above-mentioned group was under heavy guard of both Rosgvardia (Russian National Guard) and FSB officers. Namely, these instructors coordinated the launch of drones on the infrastructure objects of the Kyiv region, the Northern and Western regions of Ukraine. In addition, it is reported that the Russians have completely taken control of the air bases in Baranovichi and Lida and continue to use them to attack the territory of Ukraine.

October 29, 2022. Belarusians have been boycotting Lukashist military training and mobilization. The Volkovysk District Court gave a fine of 2,240 in Belarusian rubles to a 30-year-old Belarusian for ‘willful evasion of calling up for military training’.
In the meantime, in Gomel, a show trial was held in the military enlistment office (pictured) over a 21-year-old conscript who did not appear on the summons to the recruitment office this May. To a direct question about the desire to serve in the army, he answered, “No, I don’t want to serve.” The so-called court sentenced him to one month of imprisonment with sending to an arrest house.

October 31, 2022. General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Kadyrov’s men began to arrive in Belarus together with the Russian military servicemen.

October 31, 2022. Lukashenka signed another decree No. 387 approving a draft agreement with the Russian Federation on the establishment and operation of joint military training and combat centers
● Further details about the project have not been disclosed. There is no additional information about the number of planned centers, their possible location, training format. However, we can confidently assume that Russian specialists will train others, including Belarusians, for the needs, interests and tasks of the Russian Federation;
● It can also be assumed that the centers will be used as a mechanism for direct recruitment – the recruitment of Belarusian citizens into the Russian armed forces or Russian private military companies.

November 2, 2022. Preparations are underway for the joint strategic military exercises of Belarus and Russia ‘Union Shield-2023’, which will become the main event of the joint training of both military authorities and troops next year. It should be reminded that the last joint Belarusian-Russian exercises ‘Allied Decisiveness – 2022’ in February of this year had ended with Russia invading Ukraine, in particular from the territory of Belarus.

November 3, 2022. The total militarization of society continues in Belarus. Now the authorities want to train teams of veterans of special forces units who will carry out combat missions in the event of a ‘mercenary invasion’.

November 4, 2022. The 250th Separate security and maintenance battalion of the Western Operational Command in conjunction with persons, who were called up from the reserve, have completed military training session on technical and regulated maintenance, technical support, technical inspection and testing of weapons, military and special equipment. For 25 days 15 conscripts from the city of Grodno, and also from Grodno, Volkovysk, Berestovitsky, Svisloch and Lida districts carried out the transfer of the automotive military equipment into the winter operation mode.

November 5, 2022. At the polygons of Belarus, in addition to MiG-31K aircraft and containers where Kinzhal missiles can be stored, many tents with Russian military have appeared. In particular, new satellite images by Planet Labs show a large number of military tents and equipment located at the 230th polygon near Baranovichi (Brest region). Two campgrounds can be seen. The larger one’s dimensions are estimated to be 150×220 meter (more than two football fields). Next to it, there is another campground of size 90 × 90 meter. The pictures were taken on October 31, but, according to the publication, the militaries and equipment began to arrive at the polygon after October 16.

November 6, 2022. Belarus claimed that Kyiv was preparing for war. Initially, a message appeared on the website of the Belarusian border guards that the Ukrainian security forces had committed a provocation using armored vehicles on the border with Belarus.
A little later, the Belarusian border service allegedly intercepted a Ukrainian drone a kilometer from the border, which, in particular, according to them, was used for reconnaissance.
“This incident may be a manifestation of tension on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border on the background of the creation of a joint Russian-Belarussian military grouping,” said Konstantin Zatulin, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee.
In his opinion, Kyiv can prepare not only riots in Minsk, but also an invasion of the country.

November 7, 2022. Conflicts on ethnic grounds have become more frequent between the Belarusian and Russian militaries, tension is growing. This was reported by the General Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. The number of precedents is growing rapidly, which leads to an uncontrolled escalation of tension in the Republic of Belarus.

November 8, 2022. Russian militaries and equipment continue to be transferred to Belarus. Echelons are trying to bypass major cities in order to complicate the identification of military equipment on the platforms. The situation was reported by the Telegram channel Community of Belarussian Railway Workers.

November 9, 2022. The Russian army has been accumulating Iranian drones in Belarus. This was stated by the Ukrainian Ambassador to Britain Vadym Prystaiko. According to him, Iranian drones have been accumulating in Belarus ‘quite close to Kyiv’ and this is ‘the biggest concern’ for Ukraine.

November 11, 2022. The 38th Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus has purchased and passed as ‘fraternal’ assistance to the personnel of the 15th Motorized Rifle Regiment of the 2nd Motorized Rifle Division of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation up to 100 sets of individual first-aid kits, assault vests and other equipment, according to the message of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

November 12, 2022. Active military exercises continue at the Belarussian polygons, oftentimes with the involvement of the Russian army units deployed in Belarus. At the moment, the exercises have been extended until November 21. The reason for the extension is not disclosed.