On the eve of the New Year, IGFM and Our House prepared a party for kids which was full of fun and joy!

New Year is a merry and magical holiday for all people, it’s time when we are waiting for magic and miracles, one of the most anticipated and joyful events. Everybody prepares gifts and surprises for friends and loved ones. And of course, children wait for the holiday more than any one else! This year, the Realschule from Manderscheid in the Bernkastel-Wittlich district, Germany and IGFM gathered with care gifts for refugee children in Lithuania. 64 refugee children from Belarus and Ukraine received gifts from our German friends!


A beautiful Christmas tree was waiting for the guests in a decorated room.

The main guests of the party were, of course, the children. They danced round dances and recited poems for the Santa Claus and Snegurochka, and then all together they learned and danced New Year’s dances.

Santa Claus was a refugee, too: his costume got torn, so he explained to the children, that he had also crossed the border illegally, through forests and barbed wire fence, to make it time and bring presents to kids. The kids wished to Santa Claus that in the new year he would get new, even better, clothes.


Then they were collecting puzzles together.

No kid was left without gifts or attention!

Parents said the party was an unforgettable experience. It was full of joy, and the happy faces and smiles of children were the most wonderful part of it!