Thanks to an additional lot of long-term storage grocery products, supplied by Maisto Bankas, we have managed to form 500 additional grocery sets, later distributed among Belarusian refugees in Vilnius.

To remind, at the end of November, 2.5 tons of free food were delivered to the office of Our House; first of all, long-term storage food, like canned stewed meat, pasta, sugar. Besides that, hygiene products and household goods were included into the delivery. That allowed to collect 500 grocery sets for Belarusian refugees in Lithuania. Then, Our House started to distribute them among people in need.

55 families of Belarusian refugees managed to get help; every member of a family receives a grocery set: about 120 such sets have already been handed over.

You can see photo reports in our gallery.

We’d like to remind you, that we work to be a second home for all Belarusians who had to run away from violence and arbitrariness of the Belarusian regime.  The home that you have temporarily lost. We would like to support all asylum seekers waiting for the decision on their status without a right to work in that difficult period of their lives.

If you have any friends or acquaintances who have not heard of us and who need any food assistance, share this direct link to an application for such assistance with them. Also, here you can get answers to all most frequently asked questions.