On the eve of the New Year, Belarusian refugees in Lithuania receive holiday grocery sets from Maisto Bankas, which are distributed by our volunteers.

Thanks to Maisto Bankas, every Thursday, we have an opportunity to provide groceries to Belarusians living in Vilnius who are in a difficult financial situation.

On the eve of the New Year, Maisto Bankas delivered twice as many grocery products as usually so that we could cover more families, therefore on that week the grocery sets were handed to the Belarusian families in exile in Lithuania during two days in a row. Just on the first day, 22 people received over 400 kg of food. Thanks to such support of the Belarusian refugees, their holiday tables were rich, which of course made people more happy and joyful.


If you need help with groceries and food, apply HERE.

This is an application and report form, which is used to arrange the wait list.

All the related questions are also important, as thanks to the information provided we can give New Year gifts and presents to the Belarusian refugee children.