On February 24,  Russia started the war in Ukraine and used Belarus as a bridgehead. That’s why many Belarusians began facing discrimination and threats. Ukrainians say that we are enemies for them, but it is not really. Many Belarusians, who have suffered from Lukashenka regime, now help Ukrainians, volunteer and save people. So, nobody of them must suffer from discrimination. We would like to share with you the whole text of the letter to the Council of the European Union, where Olga Karach asked to distinguish Belarusians from the regime of Lukashenka.

Dear Mr Josep Borell and members of the Council of the European Union,

Please, accept our deepest gratitude for your sanctions package that you have imposed on the key persons of the Belarusian regime that support the Russian aggression in Ukraine. 

We are all outraged that Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin attacked Ukraine and continue murdering the peaceful Ukrainian population with the help of the Belarusian regime’s military troops. 

In our turn, we want to remind that it is not Belarus who is participating in the military aggression against Ukraine, it is the regime of Aliaksandr Lukashenka, who does not represent the Republic of Belarus, does not represent the Belarusian people, but continues to forcefully hold power in Belarus with terror, murder and intimidation of peaceful Belarusian citizens. 

Therefore, we would like to address you and ask you not to use henceforth the word “BELARUS” when you are talking about the Belarusian regime, since Aliaksandr Lukashenka and his key figures have no legitimacy and do not represent the Republic of Belarus. 

We would appreciate it if you distinguished the Belarusian people from the regime of Lukashenka, because today the whole Belarusian people, including us, the Human Rights Organization “Our House”, with all our hearts stand with Ukraine and the peaceful Ukrainian people, and we are against the Kremlin’s aggression, we condemn the fascist war that Putin has unleashed in Ukraine!