New war has burst out in the world. Or, to be more precise, the longstanding confrontation of the two Near-Eastern nations, Palestinians and Israelis, has erupted again. Since the early morning, there have been horrible images on the TV and all over the Internet. Explosions, shooting, people covered in blood, streets full of dead bodies, peaceful residents taken hostage… All that are consequences of the strongest in recent years terrorist attack against Israel.

What we have seen today is the terrorism in its most horrible and disgusting form. Today’s attack against Israel is a consequence of the system of global security being broken and destroyed. It is the same thing that we saw at the beginning of the 2022 in Ukraine – the destruction of the global security, global rules and global agreements. As a result, the world is descending into chaos, and terrorist communities start behaving more and more obnoxiously, aggressively and even declare wars to whole countries.

The world’s new axis of evil is increasingly starting to reveal itself. It’s not an accident that the attack of HAMAS terrorists against Israel has been publicly supported by Syria and Iran, the closest allies of the regimes that are ruling today in Russia and Belarus. Therefore, the aggression against Ukraine and the attack against Israel, unfortunately, are the phenomena of the same kind.

The human rights organization Our House strongly condemns the attacks directed against Israel and its people. We believe that terror and violence against innocent people cannot be justified by anything, neither by religion nor by politics. Our hearts are with all the victims of this horrible tragedy. We express our solidarity with the Israeli people in this horrible moment and condemn Palestine for the attack. We call on the immediate seizure of fire and return of all the captured soldiers and all the civilians taken hostage.

The war must stop, both in Israel and in Ukraine! The earlier we stop the series of wars unleashed by dictatorial, cannibalistic regimes, the more chances we have for peaceful resolution of the multiple challenges the humanity is facing today.

Our House