Death of Alexei Navalny in Russian prison, while the most prominent, is a tragic continuation of a grim narrative.

Friends, comrades, human beings who believe in justice!

We gather today, hearts heavy and voices raised, not just for Alexei Navalny, but for all those silenced within the walls of injustice. His death in a Russian prison, while the most prominent, is a tragic continuation of a grim narrative. From Belarus to Russia, the echo of suffering from behind bars grows louder, yet unheard by those who turn a blind eye.

Navalny’s voice may be gone, but his fight for freedom reverberates. Remember, his is not the first name spoken in hushed tones. Remember the countless others who succumbed to the inhumanity of these regimes, their stories lost in the shadows. Remember those still trapped, their pleas drowned out by silence, their fate unknown.

They are kept incommunicado, stripped of the most basic human right: to connect, to cry out, to be heard. This is not simply imprisonment; it is torture, a deliberate infliction of physical and psychological suffering. This is murder, slow and agonizing, hidden from the world’s gaze.
But we refuse to look away! We refuse to let their names fade into oblivion! Their stories become our battle cry, their suffering our call to action. We will not be complicit in this silent atrocity!

Let our voices ring out for Navalny, for the nameless, for the forgotten. Let them echo across borders, demanding action, accountability, and justice! We call upon the international community to:

• Demand an independent investigation into Navalny’s death and all prison deaths in Russia and Belarus.
• End the practice of incommunicado detention, ensuring all detainees have access to legal counsel and communication with family.
• Impose targeted sanctions against those responsible for human rights abuses and hold them accountable.
• Provide humanitarian aid to support the families of victims and those still imprisoned.

We cannot bring back the lost, but we can honor their sacrifice by fighting for a world where such injustices never occur again. This is not just about Russia or Belarus; it is about our shared humanity, about the fundamental right to freedom and dignity.

Let this day be a turning point. Let the memory of Navalny and all the victims fuel our outrage, our resolve, and our unwavering commitment to building a world where freedom rings true, not just for some, but for all.

Thank you.

Together, we will not rest until justice prevails!