Ms. Alexandrina Glagoleva is an editor of the Our House web-site and a journalist for a regional newspaper Bobruisk Kurier. On March, 31 2016 Ms. Glagoleva and her husband, Evgeny Glagolev-Vaskovich, were given a task to report  for The Bobruisk Kurier on a Slonim picket posted by a group of the trade union activists, including several activists from Bobruisk. A week later an administrative case against Ms. Glagoleva was filed on the grounds of breaking the law on public events.

On the 22nd of June 2016 a district police officer of Bobruisk, Mr.Yury Savich, telephoned Ms. Glagoleva to demand her presence in his office for giving evidence on the administrative case that was filed on April 8th 2016. The journalist responded that she will satisfy this demand should she receive a summons as per proper legal procedure.

According to the account of Ms. Glagoleva after she explained her position on the matter Mr. Savich was talking rudely to her, yelling, threatening her with some ‘consequences”, and accusing her in impeding the investigation on her case. This is utter rubbish as Ms. Glagoleva had already testified in the case back in May, to be precise on the 13th of May 2016.