For the organisation „Nash Dom“ March was full of projects and events, in which the organisation and it‘s employees were directly involved. Now we want to share the results of our work in March 2021 with you:

– In March the organisation supported Belarusians, who suffered from repressions in many ways: by paying for a lawyer‘s services, by supporting with groceries, by paying fines or paying for the inhabitation in investigative custody or in temporary places of imprisonment, legal advice, psychological support and grocerie deliveries for people imprisoned. One of the Belarusians, that „Nash Dom“ supported in march was the famous „white-red-white bride“ Inna Zaitseva. Inna came to all the protest actions in a white wedding dress with a red stripe in the middle. In October she was arrested for supporting workers of the company „Grodno Azot“, who were on strike. In December her husband got arrested for 13 days for hanging out a flag on the house. More than three months ago Inna and here family left Belarus. Now they live in Kyiv. „Nash Dom“ helped Inna to pay for a lawyer and also paid a part of the fines she had to pay.

– Due to the united efforts of „Nash Dom“ and the social organisation „Dapamoga“ in the beginning of March 15 actors from two theaters in Grodno (the dramatic and the puppet theater) were able to leave Belarus. These actors were victims of ongoing repressions by the government, especially in fall 2020. Then they were dismissed for political reasons. The actors and their family stayed within the program „Artists under repressions“ in Lithuania. There they already started working together with the Russian Dramatic Theater in Vilnius and actively took part on the actions organized by the belarussian diaspora in support of Belarus, who take place there every week. On our website you can already find interviews with some of the actors.

– The civil-rights activists in our organisation composed and sent a letter to the UN-committee against torture, where they ask for support by putting an end to the violence against the imprisoned people in Belarus – for example the blogger Mikola Dziadok, 16-years-old Mikita Zalatarou and multiple mother Olga Zolotar.

– Olga Karach, the head of „Nash Dom“, took part in a workshop by the International Organisation agains torture. In the near future it is planned to hold separate consultations with the International Organization Against Torture to discuss the immediate response to the situation in Belarus. More over this Olga signed a letter, composed by many different civil rights organizations, in the name of „Nash Dom“, demanding the immediate implementation of the Council’s new mandate in relation to Belarus.

– On the Youtube Channel „Nash Dom TB“ live broadcasts with 10 personalities from social, cultural and political life appeared. Guests in march were the Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovski, the Czech entrepreneur Peter Yachnin, the Senator of the Czech Parliament Tomash Dshirsa, the Belarusian blogger Olga Tartchuk, the Soviet cinema legend Lia Achedzhakova, the Russian director Oksana Mysina, the Belarusian Andrei Kureychyk, the theater critic John Fridman, the Russian actress Anna Sirotina and Jevgeny Wolnov, spokesman of the “Peacemaker” Center.

– There is also a new Telegramm channel by Olga Karach now, in which she answers to subscribers’ questions in the “Special Comment” section. Until now 20 video responses to questions that concern Belarusians have been recorded. Olga has already answered questions about the X day, the effectiveness of sanctions, the return of the wave of protests in Belarus and much more.

The International Center for Civil Initiatives “Nash Dom” would like to express its thanks to all employees and volunteers of the organization and also warmly thanks the friends and supporters of the center for the effective work and support of the projects in March 2021. We will continue our lively activity in April and not let the struggle for the rights and freedom of Belarusians rest for a moment.

Long live Belarus!