About a week ago, the employees of the ICCI “Our House” faced an unpleasant situation. A person who once collaborated with us turned a dirty fraud in his interests, and people suffered. This person sent out letters from a fake e-mail signed as “Our House of Repression”, called himself a “trusted person” of Olga Karach, and sent people a self-invented Docx format form (for the Word program) to fill out, allegedly our organization.

We have not fully understood this unpleasant situation, so we cannot disclose all the details and the victims’ names. At this moment, we want to warn readers of our publications and viewers of content on YouTube about possible attempts and provocations of intruders.

First of all

  • We never send people a help form in any format. The help form of “Our House” is a link to Google documents, and it is not publicly available;
  • We never correspond by e-mail. But we contact the person in the chosen way (usually it is the Telegram messenger). Then we specify the format of further communication. Our official and only e-mail address is [email protected].

Our official contacts

We would like to share links to all our channels and social networks. If you see that the names and addresses of resources differ from those listed below, this is a fake

  • The official website of “Our House”: www.nash-dom.info
  • “Our House TV” on YouTube: youtube.com/NashDomTV
  • “Our House” on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nash.Dom.Belarus
  • “Our House” in Odnoklassniki: www.ok.ru/our.house
  • “Our House” in “VK”: //vk.com/nashdom_official
  • “Our House” on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nash_Dom
  • “Our House” on Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/oh
  • Skype login: nash.dom.belarus
  • “Our House” and “Our House TV” in Telegram: @nash_dom @dom_tv

If someone writes to you on behalf of “Our House”

If someone tries to get in touch with you on behalf of the ICCI “Our House” or introduces himself as our employee or volunteer, and you do not know this person and have not communicated with him before, we strongly recommend that you do the following:

  • Tell this person that his involvement with “Our House” needs to be verified, and then contact us using any of the methods above;
  • If this is our employee or a volunteer, then he will never insist on communicating until his identity is confirmed;
  • Do not give this person any information and data about yourself until you confirm his involvement with the ICСI “Our House”;
  • Do not open any links or files sent by this person until their status is confirmed. They may contain malicious or spyware programs.

Our employees are already dealing with this unpleasant situation. We are eliminating the harm caused by intruders on our behalf.

We ask you, our dear readers, to be vigilant and attentive so as not to become a victim of scammers or provocateurs.