On August 4, the online conference of the Global Summit of Peacekeepers was held. Organizations working in countries with military conflicts or after-conflict situations joined the summit. Belarus was also represented among the organizations from 20 countries-Olga Karach told about the situation in Belarus.

We want to remind you that many peacekeeping organizations identify Belarus as a country with a low-intensity armed conflict. It signifies that the tension of the confrontations in Belarus exceeds competition by peaceful facilities but does not reach the classical understanding of traditional military actions. Such conflicts can be greatly stretched over time. The same point of view was supported at the Global Summit of Peacekeepers.

The main topic of this conference was the issue of Israel and the conflict around it. Israeli peacekeepers spoke and talked about the situation in the region. However, there were speeches by other participants, including on issues of psychological trauma in countries where there are military conflicts. Olga Karach shared information about the situation in Belarus, what peaceful Belarusians have to go through, and suggested the topic of the next conference — Alexander Lukashenko’s international terrorism.

Voting for the topic of the future conference is still underway. But the next topic under consideration could be the topic that Olga Karach proposed.

We sincerely hope that the peacekeepers from different countries will discuss the situation in Belarus and influence the new sanctions, initiate legal proceedings at the international level and contribute to the speedy departure of Lukashenka from his illegally held position.

ICCI “Our House” calls on peacekeepers from different countries to pay attention to terrorism in Belarus, which has already spread beyond its borders, and support Belarus at the new summit.