Over the recent developments in Ukraine, the leader of the Our House International Center for Civil Initiatives Olga Karach made an official statement regarding the launch of drones from the territory of Belarus:

“The man who considers himself the president of Belarus has taken another step towards drawing our country into a real war against Ukraine. Last night, the Russians attacked the Kyiv region with kamikaze drones, and according to Ukrainian sources, some of these drones were launched from Belarusian territory. Now Ukraine is discussing possible responses, in particular, a targeted strike on the Zyabrovka airfield in the Gomel region.

Belarus has already embroiled into the aggression against Ukraine, having provided its territory to the Russians for the invasion of Ukraine, its airfields – for aircraft carrying out missile attacks on Ukrainian peaceful cities. But now Ukraine has been confidently reconquering the lands occupied by the Russians. And it has both enough strength and means for adequately responding to aggression from the territory of Belarus.

As a result, innocent Belarusians will die, and relations between us and the Ukrainians will be completely spoiled – and for a very long time. And all this is because of the fact that Alexander Lukashenko has been operating on the basis of instructions from the Kremlin with no regard for his own people’s interests”.

Still recall that Our House has launched a campaign of blocking the Belarussian army since March 2022 due to help Ukraine win as soon as possible. The name of this campaign is «No Means No». OUR HOUSE aims both to steal the army from Lukashenka and block any his attempts to send the Belarusian army for assisting Putin in Ukraine. Campaign news can be read here.

If you have received a subpoena and do not know how to avoid military recruitment, we recommend you watching this live broadcast, with Olga Karach’s answers to your questions (playback will begin with answering the question about a subpoena to the army):