Many young Belarusians use the social network TikTok. And “Our House” publishes short videos there – especially when it comes to army conscriptions received by young boys. On June 15, a video about what to do if you got this document appeared on our TikTok. In eight days, it had more than 170,000 views.

In the video, Olga Karach said that the most important thing the Belarusian people should do is to stop Lukashenka’s attempts to force the army to fight on Putin’s side in Ukraine.

– Therefore, I appeal to all Belarusian men, reservists and those who have to go to the troops on mobilisation summons. Please run as soon as you receive a summons to the army. The real courage today for a Belarusian man is not to participate in the war on Putin’s side.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov recently assessed the likelihood of Belarus joining the war as high. According to him, the main targets could be the opening of a second front to reduce Ukraine’s chances to win and an attack on Western aid supply channels. The Volyn and Rivne regions are under particular threat, but the military from Belarus is unlikely to go further. “All those actions to prepare for war, which Lukashenko is carrying out, should not be perceived as dusting in Putin’s eyes, unfortunately. Lukashenka raises the degree of tension, and it is already impossible to ignore and say that this is a game,” says Oleg Zhdanov.

Unfortunately, all the Belarusian men are now in danger because, at any moment, they can be conscripted into the troops. There are cases of escape from the war in the Belarusian army, but they are carefully hidden. Vlad, an enlisted man who escaped from the military unit and successfully reached the European Union, told us about it. He specified that for non-compliance with the order the soldiers could face from 8 to 15 years of imprisonment. It means that Belarusians will either have to obey an order and shoot at the Ukrainians or run away from the army. However, it is much more difficult for soldiers to escape than for people who are not yet in the army.

Once again, we advise men to leave the country before it is too late, lest they become trapped by the Lukashenko regime. It’s quite possible that even surrendering won’t help to save their lives. It is known that there is a Belarussian pilot in military captivity, about whom we know nothing. We hope that we will be able to save him, as well as other men who have not yet gone to war.