Very similar messages come from different regions of Belarus. In particular, young men are called to the military registration and enlistment offices, where all the data is checked, future conscripts are interrogated, then a mobilization order is glued directly into the military ID with indicating both the soldier’s military specialty and the new date of his appearance in the military enlistment office.

However, such a mobilization order is not glued to all those liable for military service. Although it is known that previously, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus ordered a very large number of similar specific red color forms in some printing houses.

Apparently, this confirms the rumors appearing in Belarus that the military registration and enlistment offices are not just checking recruits. There are selected men with the actual military occupational specialties, which are not enough in the Russian army.

Ukrainian intelligence has long had information that Russia is amassing troops in Belarus to attack Ukraine again from its territory after the New Year. In other words, it is likely that those Russian units that are now in Belarus will be manned with the missing military specialties from among Belarusians in order to throw them into Ukraine in case of a possible offensive with Russian troops.