The video, which appeared on our account in this social network on June 15, passed the half-million mark two weeks after it was uploaded. In it, Olga Karach advises conscripts, reservists and all those who have to go to the army on mobilisation summons to flee Belarus.

The growth in views and popularity of the video shows that it is still relevant for Belarusian men. Oleksiy Arestovych, adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine, does not rule out the option of Belarus joining the war, but called it very unlikely. In his interview with the Russian lawyer and human rights activist Mark Feigin, he noted that if Belarus joins the war, there will be a serious escalation of the conflict and its geographical expansion. In this case, our neighbours Lithuania and Poland will not be able to stay away.

Oleksiy Arestovych suggests that Lukashenko will deflect to the last minute from taking part in the war. Putin may not even succeed in intimidating him with the threat of physical destruction. Nevertheless, Belarus is actively preparing for the war: the permanent exercises of the Ministry of Defence and other services are evidence of that. For example, in the Gomel region, mobilization exercises with military commissariats began on June 22. Tactical and special exercises of the Emergency Situations Ministry ended on June 27 in Borisov district. The agency officers practiced actions against hostage-taking, radiation and acts of terrorism. The exercise of the Belarusian armed forces ended on June 25 and was extended several times.

We believe that Belarusian men do not want to go to war against Ukrainians and be killed, even if they are offered money for it. We believe that life with their families is more valuable to our guys than the ghostly ideas of dictators. We hope that distributing our video about what to do not to go to war will help Belarusians avoid being drafted into the army if our country goes to war.