On September 21, Putin announced a partial mobilization of the population in Russia. Representatives of the military commissariats already catch Russians in the street and solemnly hand out subpoenas. Unfortunately, all Belarusian men are now in danger, because at any time they may also be conscripted into the army in a Russian-occupied country.

On the one hand, it seems that Belarusians are not in danger of being sent to war. The country has not entered the war formally. On the other hand, Belarus has given Russian aggressors its territory to attack Ukraine, it allows airplanes and missiles hitting Ukraine. So far, however, Belarusian troops haven’t crossed the border yet.

But every single day we are reported a toughening of mobilization measures in Russia. There is an everyday real danger that russian military mobilization could spread to Belarus. The Russians have suffered great losses in Ukraine, they desperately need cannon fodder, and in even in Moscow they have already started handing out subpoenas.

So, we should be prepared for the fact that the Kremlin will still try to break Lukashenko and force him to send Belarusian soldiers to fight in Ukraine. They will be sent for the slaughter serving the interests of Moscow.

In August-November 2022, Belarus has been holding another recruiting campaign. Due to recent events raising concerns that the fresh recruits may be sent to fight in Ukraine. Expecting developments like that, Olga Karach, director of the Belarusian human rights organization Our House, at the beginning of the summer noticed that in such a situation the best option is both to avoid joining the army and evading conscription every possible way. This video, which appeared on our account on this social network on June 15, 2022, passed the half-million mark two weeks after it was uploaded. In it Olga Karach advises conscripts, reservists and all those who potentially have to go to the army on mobilization to flee Belarus.

Both increasing reviews and overall popularity of the video show that the mobilization is urgent issue for Belarusian men.