The main idea of the project is a new, unbiased look at the events of the summer-autumn 2020, which officially create a new society of conscious Belarusians.

Due to the specifics of today’s independent media, coverage of the protest marches took place in the form of short video fragments. The War of Untruth is a full-fledged documentary-portrait, assembled from 8 hours of footage in ‘mobile first-person shooting” style, taken from the mobile devices of Nikolai Maminov and Ekaterina Maminova.

The plot is based on the events from August 9 until the end of October, until the very moment the film author’s arrest, after which film-maker and his family were forced to leave the country because of the persecution by both the Belarussian investigative committee and the KGB. Nikolai is an experienced cameraman, film director and documentary photographer, so he used to shoot everything that was happening to him at that time.

We must remember how many of us were on the streets, what slogans we shouted, what posters we brought to show out our pain. Because it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning of our path to freedom.”

The premiere will take place on December 10. In the meantime we offer you to watch our teaser: