Another Grocery Thursday in the office of Our House passed, when over 400 kg of food for people in need were delivered.

Belarusians forced to flee the country due to the persecution of the regime, experience a lot of difficulties while adapting and organizing their life in a new country, since their moving there had not been a planned one. Therefore, any help at a new place is priceless.

Often, people who are in danger, are mothers with small children, or young people running from Belarus as they do not want to participate in the war against Ukraine. They have little or no money reserve, and often they have to limit themselves even in food. Frequently, food for small children is needed, that can be easily and promptly cooked without excessive effort.

Our House provides food assistance to Belarusian refugees in Vilnius thanks to the support of our partner, Maisto Bankas.

Every Thursday, Maisto Bankas provides about 150-350 kg of groceries for the Belarusian refugees in Vilnius. Another party of about 400 kg of various groceries was distributed by Our House among Belarusian families in exile last week.

In the period from May, 2022 to November, 2022, over 9 tons of food were supplied to people in need.