Since the beginning of falsification of elections and suppression of protests by the Belarusian regime, we have prepared over 30 monitoring reports on repressions against Belarusians: people of different professions, different religions and different age groups.

In October, 2020, we published a monitoring report about repressions against lawyers, and in December – a monitoring report on Sunday protest marches that took place in response to the falsified presidential election in Belarus in the period from August to December 2020. Over 16 thousand people were hurt for their participation in the protest actions in Belarus, five were killed. At the end of the year 2020, a monitoring report on violations of the rights of prisoners in colonies was issued: restrictions on meetings with lawyers, lack of medical help.

In January, 2021, we collected information about repressions against snowmen and dolls in Belarus. In February, a monitoring report on repressions against theater workers in Belarus was published. In March, we posted a monitoring report of repressions for the white and red colors of clothes, committed in August, 2020 – February, 2021. In April, a monitoring report on repressions against Belarusians for their activity on social media in the period from August, 2020 to March, 2021, was published. Also in April, we published information on repressions against students that had happened in the period from August, 2020 to March, 2021.

Besides that, Our House is monitoring repressions against women in Belarus. Thus, we published the data for the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year 2021, as well as a monitoring report of detention of women on the “referendum” day, February 27, 2022. In October, 2022, we presented a monitoring report on extraterritorial attacks of special services of Russia and the Belarusian regime against Belarusian women human rights defenders, journalists and activists in exile in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

Children political prisoners in Belarus is another extremely painful topic. Their tragedy, unfortunately, remains in the shadow of the tragedies of thousands of adults, as there are only 10 minors imprisoned for political reasons. However, they are children. Even one child political prisoner is a horrible confirmation and evidence that there is no law in Belarus.  Monitoring reports on children that are political prisoners were issued in January, 2021, in May, 2022, and in September, 2022.

We have also talked about discrimination of Belarusians abroad resulting from military aggression of Russia against Ukraine. The materials on that issue were published in May, 2022, and in April, 2022, and they talked about problems of issuing visas to Belarusians.

The so called “Round Dance cases” have become the most high-profile and one of the biggest political criminal cases in Belarus. We have published several monitoring reports on that topic. Two monitoring reports on the case were published in July, 2022, followed by another one on those who had issued judgments on the “Round Dance Case” in Brest. Also, a monitoring report on what dances were resident of Gomel and Mogilev tried for was prepared. Consolidated updated material on criminal cases and persecution of Belarusians for dancing appeared in September, 2022.

In our monitoring reports we are also talking about violations of human rights in the Belarusian army. The report on suicides and extra-judicial executions in the Belarusian army was published in September, 2022, and in October an investigation on the military settlement of Pechy near Borisov was issued.  Militarization of children in Belarus and preparation of children to the participation in the warfare on Russia’s side is another separate problem reflected in our monitoring reports.

In July, 2022, we paid particular attention to mass-scale dismissals of Belarusian Railway employees and criminal cases against them and against the railway partisans. In September, 2022, we talked about how the Belarusian regime takes hostages among relatives of human rights defenders, activists and democratic leaders in Belarus, as well as about repressions against teachers and university instructors in connection with protests against the regime of Lukashenka.

The last but not the least, we paid attention to a prosecution for religious motives: a monitoring report on repressions against priests and believers in the period from August to December, 2020, was prepared, and in October, 2022, when the number of such detentions increased significantly, it was updated and published.